Huang Zelin Falls Short of Making History in the Asian Games Tennis Quarterfinals

Huang Zelin Falls Short of Making History in the Asian Games Tennis Quarterfinals

[Titan Road Hangzhou Direct Attack]After Hong Kong’s rising tennis star Huang Zelin (Coleman) made a miraculous comeback yesterday and entered the quarterfinals, today (27th) he will face South Korean player Hong Sung-sung, striving to become the first player to win an Asian Games tennis medal. Coleman was tied with a set lead and had to fight for nearly two and a half minutes in a temperature of over 33 degrees. As a result, Coleman even switched to serving underhand due to cramps in the last point. The score was 1:2 at eight. Forced to stop. Also graduating from the top eight are the women’s doubles pair Zhang Weihuan and Wang Kangyi.

Hong Shengcheng

Cao Xingru (middle), who is regarded as an idol by Coleman, also came to the stage to cheer.

Huang Zelin, who is currently ranked 498th in the world, staged a miraculous comeback yesterday. After trailing 1:6 at the tie-break, he scored seven points in a row to defeat the third seed Wu Yibing of China and advanced to the quarterfinals. Last night he partnered with Zhang Weihuan in mixed doubles, and they also won and advanced to the top 16.

Coleman made his appearance in the men’s singles quarterfinals this morning and was just one step away from a medal. However, his quarter-final opponent, South Korean representative Hong Sung-sung, is ranked 300 places higher than him in the world and has also played in three Grand Slam main draws this year.

Coleman started to look embarrassed as he chased the wave in the last minute.

Although there is a big gap between the two in the world rankings, there is no huge difference in their strength on the court today. Coleman and Hong Shengcheng broke each other’s serve once in the first six games. The former switched to the net to successfully break through in the seventh game, and then broke again to win the first set 6:4.

Coleman took advantage of the trend at the beginning of the second set, breaking serve first and leading 3:0. However, as Coleman’s physical fitness began to decline, his batting also began to become unstable. Hong Chengcheng seized the opportunity to win five consecutive games and tied the game 6:4. Coleman once again had to decide the winner with his opponent in the deciding set.

In the highest temperature of 33.3 degrees, Coleman’s physical fitness became increasingly declining. Hong Shengcheng broke serve at 2:2 in the deciding set and the game ended in two games. Although Coleman worked hard to keep serve in the seventh game and received cheers from dozens of fans present, he still lost another game to 3:5. At this time, Coleman’s physical energy was almost exhausted, until his opponent suddenly changed to serving with his lower hand when the opponent held match point. In the end, he lost another point due to cramps in his left thigh, and lost the total set 1:2, failing to add Hong Kong’s first ever tennis medal.

Coleman was originally scheduled to compete with Zhang Weihuan in the top 16 of mixed doubles, but it is currently unknown whether they will be able to compete as usual.

Wang Kangyi (left) and Zhang Weihuan

Earlier today, Zhang Weihuan and Wang Kangyi also competed in the women’s doubles quarterfinals for a chance to win medals. “Prince Zhang” faced the second seed, “Zhan Sisters” Zhan Haoqing/Zhan Yongran from Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals. Facing the higher-ranked Taiwanese combination, Zhang Weihuan and Wang Kangyi were unable to parry in the middle of the first game and were pulled away, losing the first set 3:6.

The “Zhan sisters” had a 90% success rate on their first serve in the second game, and more than half of their points, successfully winning the first set 6:3. Even though “Zhang Wangpei” once caught up to 4:4 after being two games behind, he still lost multiple games 4:6 in the end, losing in two straight games, and also missed the chance to win a medal.

Zhang Weihuan, who was also eliminated in the women’s doubles quarterfinals last time, admitted that she felt regretful about the result, especially in today’s match where she was closer to her opponent: “I was a little tight at the beginning, but in the end I let go. Apart from the score, I broke down with my opponent in the middle. It’s so close, but there are many “Diao Shi” that I can’t get. I had a good chance at the beginning, but I just didn’t grasp it well.” Wang Kangyi, who competed in the Asian Games for the first time, rated himself as nervous, but thought that his performance was better than expected, but he could not help his opponent. The performance was even better: “We won one point, but lost another point. It was so compact, but the opponent played very well, and we made more mistakes on our side, and the opponent was able to take the opportunity to put pressure on us.”

Pictures and text: Mai Jingzhi

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