Huang Yun, First Generation TV Personality and Famous Screenwriter of the Communist Party of China Has Died | “Shanghai Family” | TV series | Film script

[The Epoch Times, 10 gennaio 2023]Recently, the epidemic raged in China and a large number of people died. The first generation of TV personalities and famous screenwritersHuang Yunalso recently died, wrote songs praisingMembers of the Communist PartyOfscript

Shanghai Metropolis Daily “Morning News” reported on January 8 that the famous screenwriterHuang YunHe died at the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital at 2:59 pm on the 6th at the age of 90.

Huang Yun joined the Communist Party of China when he was about 15 years old. In the spring of 1953, he was transferred to the Shanghai Radio Station of the Communist Party of China. In 1958, he participated in the preparation of the Shanghai Television Station. of the Communist Party of China. She is also a national top-level screenwriter, an honorary member of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, a former director of the Shanghai Writers Association, and executive director of the Shanghai Television Artists Association. she outstanding contributions allowance of the State Council of the Communist Party of China.

According to an exclusive interview with Huang Yun in the fifth issue of “Shanghai Caifeng Monthly” in 2010, during his work at the Shanghai radio station, Huang Yun went to the border villages many times to engage in campaigns, such as promoting “Sixteen Articles of Rural Work” of the Communist Party of China, social education campaigns and participation in condolence groups for educated youth, etc.

He once wrote “The Red Flower That Never Fades” and “Are You a Communist?” “”Family business””Motherland””One year of marriage”“Shanghai Family”Works such as “Before and after the divorce” have won many awardsTV seriesFeitian Award, TV Golden Eagle Award, National ExcellentscriptCreation Award etc.

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Among them, “The Red Flower That Never Fades” and “Are You a Communist?” “is praiseMembers of the Communist PartyEven the script of “Homeland” advertised CCP members.

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