HTC puts singing time first with the new Vive Flow headset

Due to the small size of the Flow paired with your smartphone, you can always be there with us if we are a little alone.


We saw a weird performance from HTC yesterday, because the latest, Vive Flow The VR headset, dubbed VR, was not focused on technical specifications or gaming capabilities, as the new model is not intended for hardcore VR users either, but for average people who would sometimes disappear a bit from the world for recreational purposes.


To do this, they provide plenty of apps and services that allow you to watch a series or movie in VR space, meditate on the sounds of nature, or just ponder the great things in life while sitting in a virtual car while picking up a goggle-like strapless device like a glasses. we cruise on the road.


Not much has been said about the hardware that works in the 189-gram headset, the product page only mentions 4GB of memory and 64GB of internal storage, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are sure to be part of the system. The former is required for pairing with a smartphone, which can also be used as a touchpad-like controller for the system, so no cable connection is required, but a USB Type-C power bank will have to be obtained, as the built-in battery is not included in the glasses. the weight.


The lens-like elements on the front of the Flow are only meant to enhance the look, you can’t see through the glasses, but behind them are interesting things like the active cooling fan and the two 2.1 ”1600×1600 pixels, 75 Hz and display, which together give a viewing angle of 100 degrees.

The displays also have a diopter adjustment dial from our eyes, and the comfort is ensured by the magnetically connectable pads. The glasses also have built-in speakers and noise-canceling microphones, but thanks to the Bluetooth connection, we can even use our own earphones.

The HTC Vive Flow will be available for purchase from November, but the company is already accepting pre-orders, and we will be happy to prepare 569 euros for payment. It’s important to note that Vive Flow is only compatible with smartphones running the Android operating system, but even within that, there are limitations, as for some reason, devices with Samsung Exynos processors didn’t make it to the compatibility list.



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