HSBC Promotes 1 Week Fixed Deposit 10% On Millions Of Deposits Quickly Earning $1918

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Major banks continue to attract money with high interest rates. HSBC has joined the absorption of new short-term funds with a fixed annual deposit interest rate of up to 10%, reflecting the increase in the cost of funds before the end of the year.

HSBC refers to high-end Shangyu customers who open a one-week fixed deposit with foreign currency exchanged for Hong Kong dollars. If the fixed deposit is made via mobile banking, the annual interest rate is up to 10%, and the branch or the phone even the banking is 9.5% The minimum deposit amount is 10,000 yuan. If you open an account with 10,000 yuan, the annual interest rate is 10%, that is, the weekly interest rate is 191.8 yuan. If you open an account with 1 million yuan, you can earn about 1,918 yuan a week, and the ‘annual interest rate for 1 month is 4% Calculated, the interest earned in one month is about 3,333 yuan. For Premier Banking, HSBC One/other customers using mobile banking, the highest annual interest rate of weekly fixed deposit is 9.9% and 9.8% respectively, and the annual interest rate of one month is respectively by 3.9% and 3.8%. Among the four largest banks, HSBC is currently the highest, followed by Hang Seng Bank (011), also with an annual interest rate of 6%.

Hang Seng 6 months fixed deposit annual interest rate of 5%

In addition, it is reported that Hang Seng also recently launched a discount for selected customers in December. If you open a 6-month Hong Kong dollar fixed deposit online with 10,000 yuan of new funds, the annual interest rate will be as high as 5 %, which is the highest in Hong Kong. If you use 100,000 yuan It is said that the interest of 2,500 yuan can be charged for six months; the annual interest rate for opening a 3-month fixed deposit is also 4.8%, which is currently the second highest in Hong Kong. Currently, among the four major banks, the annual interest rate of Hang Seng’s short and medium-term fixed deposits is the most attractive, with 3-month, 6-month and 1-year interest rates of 4.29%, 4, 39% and 4.3% respectively, while the annual interest rate of HSBC’s fixed deposit is 4.3%.

The interbank interest rate in Hong Kong continued to rise, including the one-month interbank interest rate rose for 17 consecutive days, a new high since December 2000.

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