Hristo Stoichkov: For some I am the black sheep. Dimitar Rachkov: The legends about him being just juicy are not true (Video)

Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Rachkov at the stadium, where they are shooting another commercial. PHOTO: YORDAN SIMEONOV

The most successful Bulgarian football player and the most talented comedian for the first time in a general interview only for “24 hours”

I don’t let people in very much because I don’t buy friendship. This is how Hristo Stoichkov was candid in his first interview with Dimitar Rachkov in front of “24 Chasa”.

The two big stars – on world football and on the Bulgarian stage, shot together another commercial, as well as an episode of a reality online series. They did it in just two days, during which they worked 13 hours a day. In this busy schedule they found a gap to tell about their work, about friends, about corruption in football, about the great Bulgarian actors and about Johan Cruyff, to whom Stoichkov is eternally grateful.

“The legends that spread about Itzo that he was just crazy are not true. “Come and see how he treats people,” Rachkov said on the set.

“For some I am the black sheep, but the sport has taught me a lot of discipline. There should be a joke in sports and in life, but when you are on the field and on the set, there must be great respect “, says Stoichkov.

Read their interview in Saturday’s issue of “24 hours”



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