Hristo Ivanov referred for announcements about the negotiations to “We continue the change” – Elections 2021

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Hristo Ivanov

There is a mandate holder who is presumed to be such because he has not yet received the mandate from the president, no consultations have been held, and at this stage, if something is to be announced, it must be announced by the mandate holder. This was said to the media by the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov before the meeting of the parliamentary group, quoted by BTA. His comment came after a question had already been reached between the parties and coalitions negotiating a coalition agreement, the composition and structure of the new cabinet and the rotating presidency of the National Assembly.

Ivanov clarified that the collective bodies of the coalition are yet to discuss and form decisions. There is internal communication, which I do not undertake to comment on, if we can talk about an agreement, we cannot make agreements, there can only be decisions of our bodies, there are none, he said.

What exactly there will be as steps, as a process, depends on “We continue the change”, stressed the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria”.

A decision to participate in the future government with ministers will be made after the whole process is over, and this will happen when the presidential consultations are over and we enter the formal week of the first term, he added.

Ivanov replied that Cornelia Ninova had not been officially nominated for the union for the rotating chairman of the National Assembly. earlier in the day, Ninova also denied having such conversations.

And I read the media, he answered a question about an e-mail circulated in some media today, which seems to have been sent by the DSB leadership to the party’s internal structures. It talks about the idea of ​​a rotating parliamentary presidency, starting with Ninova, and about structural changes in the Council of Ministers. Before the beginning of the meeting of the group Vladislav Panev (Green Movement) and Georgi Ganev (MP from the civil quota) said that they had not seen such a letter as the one spread in the media, BTA reports.

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