HP Vivo Y30i, cheap price of 2 million, these are the advantages and disadvantages!

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You could say the Vivo Y30i cellphone is cheaper than its ‘brother’, the Y30. But don’t hesitate to buy it, because this series is still equipped with interesting features.

The design on the screen uses an Ultra-O screen or a punch-hole display with a tiny camera that provides a stunning visual appearance. Especially when combined with a glossy case which makes the Vivo Y30i even more charming.

For color smart phone This series has two choices, Dazzle Blue and Moonstone White. Dazzle Blue is inspired by the color of the bright morning sky.

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Meanwhile, Moonstone White is inspired by the warmth of pearls which gives a charming impression.

Before buying it, make sure you know the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo Y30i. Well, consider the explanation below.

Features and prices of the HP Vivo Y30i cellphone

Advantages of HP Vivo Y30i:

Big battery

Vivo Y30i has a battery capacity of 5000mAh capable of standby for 29.7 days, 66 hours of 2G calls, 40 hours of 3G calls, 34 hours of 4G calls, and 12.97 hours of video streaming. Videos, 11.35 hours of gaming and 46.3 hours of listening to music.

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