HP Oppo Reno4 F, light construction and advanced technology

The Oppo Reno4 F HP is a device that is the successor to the 2020 jargon Smartphone trendsetter from the Reno4 series. By wearing “Clean your expression” The Reno4 F smartphone has the best features.

Oppo has adapted this feature to the target youth market to create portrait images that are compatible with features such as: Super AI Night Portrait, AI color portraits and AI Nigh Flare Potrait.

Not only is this Chinese supplier of the camera sector very serious in creating designs that meet the needs of today’s youth. Always look trendy and dynamic.

plans HP Oppo Reno4 F.

This Oppo Reno4 F phone has a texture Matt shone and also thin, only 7.48 mm with a light weight of only 164 grams. So the Reno4 F can be a Fashion statement for Indonesian youth.

It may have a sleek design, but this phone is right next to it mainboard can still run optimally. The battery and other components are still the best.

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With this slim and light body, Reno4 F users can easily take it anywhere. Because this smartphone fits in the pocket without causing a bulging effect.

The thickness of this Oppo Reno4 F cellphone exceeds its brother, the Reno4 which is up to 7.7mm thick or 0.22mm thinner than its replacement.

This smartphone is also available in colors Matt shone. There is an anti fingerprint coating on the back cover. This phone also uses the latest optical coating technology by increasing the layer depth from 250 nanometers to 400 nanometers.

So, when exposed to reflected light transmission, this layer produces a very different color. Especially when the user holds the cellphone at various angles.

Typically, smartphones that are thinner often form sharp corners around the edges frame. So that it can affect the comfort of the user when holding.

To solve this problem, the Oppo designers used a design technique with rounded edges at an angle of 220 degrees.

This allows the edge of the device to be rendered with a side image that is thin and comfortable if you hold it with one hand.

Screen Oppo Reno4 F.

This cellphone, which is still part of the Reno4 family, was carried off Double perforated hole view on the screen, which has a diagonal of 16.34 cm or 6.43 inches.

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The Reno4 F screen shows a unique camera diameter with a smaller display of just 3.7mm.

So, Double mini holes This can make the screen wider or wider and give the user a more immersive viewing experience.

This screen also has an FHD + resolution which is called Super AMOLED. So this Oppo Reno4 F can produce a more vivid image. This is because it creates brighter, clearer pixels.

characteristics camera

The HP Oppo Reno4 F has four cameras installed in the rear housing, including a 48 MP main lens with 1: 1.8 aperture.

Then the 8 MP camera as a wide-angle lens with an aperture of 1: 2.2, then 2 MP and 2 MP as a mono with an aperture of 1: 2.4.

Meanwhile, the front camera has two lenses, each of which has 16 MP as the main lens and 2 MP as a depth sensor.

The camera function is AI Color Portrait, which functions as color isolation in photos.

In addition, the background can be black and white while preserving human objects in their original or original colors.

The AI ​​Color Portrait on the Oppo Reno4 Fini can display very contrasting and clear colors. So the resulting image looks like a work of art.

Another feature is the AI ​​Super Night Portrait which can be used to create photos Selfie becomes very clear especially at night.

Then the AI ​​Night Flare Portrait function, which can create an artistic neon effect on the background or backdrop.

In addition, the AI ​​Super Clear Portrait feature can enhance details when users take portrait photos.

The AI ​​Beautification 2.0 function of the Oppo Reno4 F is the 2nd generation. Its function is to maintain natural skin tone without losing detail.

Meanwhile, the Selfie Gestures feature can help users who want to take selfies without tools.

How is that Selfie movement It just points your palm at the camera. After reading, the camera will count down to take a selfie or selfie.

The last camera function is air movement. This feature makes it easy for users to receive calls with or without touching the smartphone with wet or oily hands.

This air gesture on the Oppo Reno4 F cellphone can answer calls by making air movements at a distance of 20 to 50 cm from the cellphone. Users simply wave their hands to activate the function Air movement when you answer a call. (Adi / R5 / HR-Online)

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