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Alina Zagitova celebrated her 18th birthday. Russian Figure Skating Federation published a congratulatory telegram to Vladimir Putin, who wished the skater new achievements. In addition, Zagitova attended a reception with the head of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov. Tatyana Navka wished the Olympic champion not to be afraid to go forward, and the famous choreographer Ilya Averbukh called her an example to follow.

I’ll eat a little cake ”

On May 18, Russian skater Alina Zagitova celebrated her coming of age. One of the first Olympic champion Pyeongchang was congratulated by her most loyal fans, giving her flowers, balloons with her name and other gifts. Throughout the day, the number of colorful packaging and bouquets only increased.

The athlete herself did not forget to thank for the gifts and, of course, take pictures on the background of luxurious flower baskets. In impromptu photo shoots was also attended by Zagitova’s favorite, an akina-itu named Masaru, who is also very popular among her fans. In addition, in honor of her birthday, she performed an incendiary dance with her younger sister Sabina.

The skater admitted that the 18th birthday is a special holiday for her, so she allowed herself to slightly violate the strict sports regime.

“Already in the morning a lot of congratulations, I answer everyone. Of course, for me this is a very joyful event, it happens 18 years once in a lifetime. I usually don’t celebrate birthdays due to training or celebrate on vacation. But now self-isolation, we all sit at home. I will be with my family. I love sweets – this is no secret to anyone. I’ll eat a little cake, ”admitted Zagitova on the air of Channel One.

However, the holiday was not limited to home gatherings. The 2019 World Champion was invited to the reception to the head of the Republic of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov. Of course, the event was held in compliance with all security measures, which hardly spoiled the impression of the solemn moment. The politician presented a distinguished native of the region with a bouquet of flowers and a book about Izhevsk.

“You can not carry books to competitions, but you need to scroll through them – native places help. A whole life lies ahead, and the news of the inclusion of the athlete in the Russian national team for the next season is a great gift for the 18th anniversary! ”, Brechalov commented on the meeting.

“A real beauty and a great athlete”

Of course, the birthday was not without congratulations from the representatives of the world of figure skating and other eminent people. One of them was a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“You worthily continued the legendary traditions of the national school of figure skating and, despite your young age, have achieved outstanding success in sports, have won Olympic gold and other high awards. I am sure that amazing performance, talent and a focus on victories will continue to help you in sports and in life. I wish you new achievements and all the best, ”the press service of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) cites Putin’s congratulations.

Of course, the organization itself did not remain aloof from the solemn event. President of the Federation Alexander Gorshkov personally congratulated the athlete over the phone, and also wished her health and fulfillment of desires not only in sports, but also in ordinary life.

“Alina today has an unusual date, 18 years old on the 18th. She is a special athlete and person, her persistence and ability to assemble at the right time are rare qualities, ”Sport Express quoted Gorshkova as saying.

At the same time, Eteri Tutberidze was one of the first to congratulate Zagitova on the team. A touching poem appeared on her Instagram page, in which the birthday girl wished to “sometimes be a child” despite her age, “enjoy life” and “find my way”. Later, the mentor herself published a photograph of the mentee in the story.

Honored trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova also limited herself to the lacquer, but sincere message “Beauty! Be happy ”under a joint photo.

Olympic champion in ice dancing Tatyana Navka, in whose ice show Sleeping Beauty Zagitova recently played a major role, scattered in compliments addressed to her.

“Alina, despite your young age, you have already achieved so much, achieved such heights in sports, and there is still a whole fascinating and amazing life ahead! New opportunities, emotions, people, situations, adventures! Go ahead, dare, try, take risks, develop, because life is just beginning! I’m happy that we managed to work together, and I’m sure it was a fascinating and useful new experience for you! ”Wrote Navka.

And the former partner of Navka, Roman Kostomarov, called Zagitova an example to follow and wished her to be happy in the field that she would choose for herself.

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“I congratulate Alina and wish her always to be on top. She is a man who went to his goal, achieved all that is possible. A real beauty and a great athlete, an example to follow! ”Said Kostomarov.

In turn, two-time world champion Irina Slutskaya wished health and implementation plans, and the famous choreographer Ilya Averbukh noted that by such a young age, Zagitova managed to achieve great successes, including winning the Olympics gold.

“This title will always be with her now. Let Alina at any difficult moment rely on what she managed to achieve. All roads are open before her, all her life is open before her. She loves and loves the whole country. I wish her to use this for the good of herself and the work she learned. She has a great time now – the period of the formation of personality. I wish her to find many more interests, ”quotes Averbukh Sport24.

Not without congratulations from former and current colleagues. So, the daughter of Tutberidze Diana Davis, performing in pair skating, remembered several joint episodes from the past and also dedicated a poem to Zagitova, the 2012 vice champion of the world Alyona Leonova wished her to conquer even more heights, and the multiple medalist of the Grand Prix stages Tiffany Gureiro talked about their first meeting that took place in China.

“She was a sweet 15-year-old bright girl who was preparing to perform at the first tournament at an adult level. She not only won, but also won everything that season, including the Olympics. I will never forget the strength that Alina demonstrated already in the first tournament. She showed that she can fight, and therefore remains successful today, ”Gureyro wrote on Instagram.

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