How youth workers work on prevention

What does youth work contribute to strengthening young people’s own responsibility, promoting participation, finding help and normalizing and unburdening problems?
The 22 cases in this collection provide insight into the living environment of young people in vulnerable situations. Temptations from the criminal circuit, a disturbed parent-child relationship or an unstable social network can have a disruptive effect. It becomes clear how youth workers can support these young people in forming their identity and acquiring their own place in society.

The book is intended for anyone involved in youth work. The stories are suitable as study material for (prospective) youth workers who want to learn what youth work is and want to reflect on methodical action. For policy and practice, the cases provide insight into the contribution of youth work to the prevention of (youth) aid, such as strengthening the personal capabilities and responsibility of young people, health promotion and strengthening social support for young people from family, friends and social organizations.

To collect the 22 cases, the authors collaborated with youth workers in the context of scientific practice-oriented research into the contribution of youth work to the transformation goals of the Youth Act.

How youth workers work on prevention
22 times 1 year of youth work in practice
Judith Metz, Jolanda Sonneveld & Jeremy Rijnders

€ 25,00 | ISBN 9789088509858 | 152 pages


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