How you can use the app on up to four devices

Facebook has introduced a new function for its chat application Whatsapp. With the new multi-device function, which is currently being tested in the beta version, several devices can be linked to one account.

Up to now, a smartphone connected to the Internet was always required to use Whatsapp – even the Whatsapp web function always required the account’s smartphone to be close at hand.

This will soon be a thing of the past. Up to four devices can be connected to one account and used at the same time, promises the developer Facebook in the Whatsapp blog. The highlight: the main device no longer has to be connected to the Internet to use the chat application. The devices only need to be reconnected if the smartphone is not used for two weeks.

In the beta test phase, the new function is initially only available to some of the users. The multi-device function can be found in the settings of the app. The sub-item “Linked devices” is selected there. If the sub-item “Multi-Device-Beta” then appears, the user is one of the selected people who can test the function now.

In the beta version, however, the user cannot yet use all of WhatsApp’s usual functions. Seeing live locations, fixing chats or accepting group invitations, for example, is not yet possible. With the final version for all users, however, these functions should be available again. When the function will be available to all users has not yet been determined.

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