How will the final of the Betplay-2 League between DIM and Pereira finally play out? Dates and times

The Dimayor announced this Thursday that the final return of the Colombian championship between the DIM and Deportivo Pereira it will be played in the capital of the Risaralda next Wednesday, December 7th.

This is because after the classification of Medellín and Pereira in the final of Liga Bet 2022-II, Fans wondered in which city the second leg of the final would be played. Some argued it had to be in the capital of Antioquia, because the Reds finished first in the full year re-rank.

While others said that the final had to be played in Pereira, because the Dimayor regulation stipulated that the team that scored the most points in the second tournament of the year closed as a local in the final. Here is the answer, only that the entity was slow to clarify.

However, in the statement released around noon this Thursday, the organization confirmed that the element that defined the venue for the second leg of the tournament were the points obtained in Liga-2, counting the free-for-all group and semifinal home run. The curious thing is that both Medellín and Pereira made 44 units.

That’s why it was necessary to move on to the second play-off element, namely goal difference. Deportivo Pereira finished with 9 goals in favour, while DIM did so with 8.

Next Sunday, December 4, the first of the two matches that define the Colombian soccer champion will therefore be played Athanasius Girardot Stadium. Actions will start from 6pm

While the final for the title will be played at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium de Pereira, which has a capacity of over 33,000 spectators, next Wednesday, December 7th. The match is scheduled to start at 20:00, the day on which the December 2022 star will be drawn on the shield of one of the finalists.

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