How to use WhatsApp on 4 devices, HP doesn’t need to be online

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The proprietary instant messaging app Facebook, WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a beta test for its newest feature, a multi-device that allows users to log in on four devices.

Currently WhatsApp accounts can be used simultaneously, but only on one smartphone and one desktop, as long as the desktop remains connected to WhatsApp on the smartphone.

WhatsApp says the beta trial is currently limited, in order to experience the functionality of the multi-device feature. WhatsApp will socialize multi-device features to only a small group of users. That way they can optimize the experience of the multi-device feature before rolling it out globally.

Even though many users ask for multi-device support, WhatsApp takes time to make it happen. This is done to build a system that maintains end-to-end encryption.

Other features such as web and desktop applications will be retained. But if your phone battery runs out, the feature cannot be used.

Through the multi-device beta, each device will have its own identity key. Currently, users have one identity key, namely a mobile phone that is embedded in the WhatsApp application.

Quotes Endgadget, in the multi device feature, users will also have control over the connected devices. Users can also find out on which device the WhatsApp account has been logged in.

How the WhatsApp multi-device feature works

The multi-device feature allows you to log-in on four non-phone devices at the same time, without having to keep your phone on or online.

Quoted WA Beta Info, if you use the multi-device feature, only one device is used to send messages to the intended contact.

If a message enters your WhatsApp account, there will be a notification on every device that you pinned to your WhatsApp account. So is the message history. Automatically the history on the phone will be able to open also on the device linked to the WhatsApp account.

It claims that information such as messages, calls and status updates is still end-to-end encrypted, even if you use the multi-device feature.

WhatsApp has also implemented a new feature to sync the various actions you take in the app. For example, when you star a message from a device, the starred message will also appear on other devices that are logged in to a WhatsApp account.

However, there are exceptions, when you delete a chat from a device, not all messages will be deleted on all devices linked to your account.

Some features are also still not fully supported, such as viewing and sharing locations on linked devices, tagged chat rooms don’t appear immediately at the top, and on WhatsApp Business users the business name and label cannot be changed using non-mobile devices.


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