How to Use the New Message Recording Feature in FaceTime iOS 17

How to Use the New Message Recording Feature in FaceTime iOS 17

Publication date: September 27, 2023 44

Apple has added a new feature to the FaceTime application in iOS 17 that allows you to record a voice message, or a video message and send it to a specific person if you are trying to contact them but they do not respond.

When you make a voice call in the FaceTime app, you can leave a voicemail if there is no answer, but if you are trying to make a video call with the other person but they do not answer, you can record a video message. Below we will review how to use this feature:

How to record a video or audio message in the FaceTime app:

To use the message recording feature in the FaceTime app, follow these steps:

1- Update your phone’s operating system to iOS 17:

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Before you start using this feature, you must install the latest operating system update on your iPhone by following these steps:

Go to the Settings application, then choose General, then click Software Updates. Click the Install or Update button and follow the steps to download and install the new version. Make sure that the person you want to call has updated their phone’s operating system as well.

2- Start making a voice call:

Open the FaceTime app on your phone, then tap the New FaceTime button. Start typing the name, phone number, or email address of the person you want to contact and select them from the suggestions. Click the phone icon to make a voice call, then choose the FaceTime Audio option if it appears.

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3- Record a voice message:

After enough time has passed without the call being answered, an alert will appear indicating that your call has been sent to voicemail and that the person you are trying to reach is unavailable. A tone will sound to start recording your voice message that you want to send to the person who did not answer your call. After you finish recording your message, click the (X) button to close.

The other person will receive a notification on their phone that a voice message has arrived in their FaceTime voicemail. When you open the FaceTime application, a voicemail notification will appear, and when you click on it, you can see a written copy of the voice message you sent, with the ability to play the audio version.

4- Set up the option to display live voice mail:

You can set an option to display a live transcription of the voicemail as it is recorded from the person calling. This method can be useful for screening certain calls before deciding whether or not to answer them based on the content of the live voicemail.

To activate this on your phone, go to Settings, then choose (Phone), click on (Live Voicemail), then activate the (Live Voicemail) option.

5- View live voicemail:

Let’s say you’ve received a FaceTime voice call and you’re hesitant to answer it. Click on the small phone icon at the top of the screen, and the live transcription option will appear to display the content of the message while it is being recorded. From there, you can answer the call or end the call.

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6- Record a video message:

You can record a video message instead of a voice message when you make a video call via FaceTime without receiving a response from the other party, by following these steps:

Open the FaceTime app and click the New FaceTime button. Start typing the name, phone number, or email address of the person you want to contact and select them from the suggestions. Click the green FaceTime icon to make a video call. After enough time has passed since the call started without an answer, click the Record Video button. After the countdown ends, record the visual message and then click the red button when finished. After you record the message, you can play it back to review it. If you don’t like it, click Retake to record a new message. Otherwise, click the arrow to send the message to the other person. The person you called will receive a notification that a FaceTime video message has arrived. If he taps the notification on the home screen or in the FaceTime app, he’ll be taken to another screen where he can play your message. The recipient can also save the video you sent to their photo library, and send you a text message in response to your message.

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