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How To Use Galaxy A21s So That Your New Normal Is Even More Fun



JAKARTAIndonesian consumers always get the attention of Samsung. South Korean giant this always brings the latest devices quickly to the country. One of them, Galaxy A21s. (Also read: Follow Apple’s Footsteps, Samsung Can Make Flagship Consumers Difficult)

Yes Samsung Electronics Indonesia has officially introduced it smartphone the latest is to the cellular public of the country. Galaxy A21s comes with the latest features such as a 48 MP Quad Camera, Exynos 850 processor, a large 5,000 mAh battery, and a 6.5 inch HD + screen panel.

Samsung asserted, Galaxy A21s are designed to support a variety of current Gen Z live activities in undergoing the challenges of daily live routines, including in the New Normal era as it is now.

Although many activities are limited, but with handphone this very affordable price, the New Normal activity can still be exciting. You do this by utilizing various features available in the Galaxy A21s.

Like what method, you can use the following tips:

Stay Comfortable with Fingerprint and Face Recognition Security Systems
A study conducted by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases has found that people who wash their hands frequently and wear masks can reduce their risk of contracting the virus by up to 70%. Surely the masks used must be non-medical masks, to reduce the scarcity of masks needed by the medical team at this time.

By using masks every time and throughout the day, it certainly makes it difficult for us to open access to smartphones because cellphones today have a lot of features using Face Recognition, just like the security features in the Samsung Galaxy A21s.

But don’t worry because the Galaxy A21s not only has a face sensor security feature, but also carries a Fingerprint security feature (rear-mounted). So you don’t have to worry about opening masks in public places just to open access on handphone, we just use fingerprints.

Cultivate Healthy Living with Samsung Health
Besides using masks and routine hand washing and wearing hand sanitizer, of course it is also necessary for us to keep our distance from others. Then it’s also good to avoid places that have a high crowd level to prevent the spread of the virus.

Exercise and maintaining health are also important to apply to maintain immunity and antibodies in our body stay healthy. Start by making new habits such as routine walking to work or running on weekends is the right step.

Use the Samsung Health application found on the Galaxy A21s to monitor body health developments. Call it the Steps feature that can monitor how many steps the user’s feet, Active Time can see how much time we spend working or doing activities and other features that support you to maintain health.

Nah if you don’t do too much outdoor activity, but are afraid of being bored, you can take advantage of the “Anti-Bored” feature on the Galaxy A21s.

Mirror Creative Video dan Photography
Lately, there have been a lot of trends emerging from the TikTok application platform such as Wipe it Challenge, VOGUE Challenge, and Mirror Challenge. Nah You can use the Galaxy A21s to create that awesome Mirror Creative Video content. Especially to fill the time off at the office because it can not hang out in the cafe.

First, You can use the main camera resolution of 48 MP which certainly supports pose awesome mainstay in front of the glass. Don’t forget to add properties to the content, such as a ballpoint pen or perhaps special objects that usually exist in the office so that the content matches the theme.

In addition, the Galaxy A21s is also capable of recording videos with Full HD images up to 1080p. This technology makes recording results more contrast and smooth to support the creation of TikTok content.

If you prefer photography, you can use the Galaxy A21s which is equipped with Macro Lens 2 MP. The camera is suitable to support you making photographs of food in the current style, or photographs figure pet collection.

Plus the bokeh effect of the 2 MP Depth Lens, guaranteed photo results are getting “epic“. The 8 MP Wide Lens can also be used to photograph office buildings when going to the office.

Gaming and Entertainment Experience
Played mobile gaming became one of the many interesting choices made to fill activities in the New Normal era.

Galaxy A21s can be the right answer, because handphone ini disenjatai dengan chipset Exynos 850 which has a low battery consumption. But the unit has stable performance for play use game or activity entertainment favorites, like watching YouTube and Netflix, are supported with a wide 6.5-inch HD + screen, 5,000 mAh battery capacity and features fast charging 15W.

All of the above features will certainly make the user to always be comfortable for long playing. Because they will always be connected and live a full day fun all day.

In addition to the above advantages, the Galaxy A21s also comes with two choices of memory storage capacity options according to consumer needs; 3GB RAM and 32GB data storage, and 6GB RAM with 64GB of data storage that can beupgrade up to 512 GB.

The addition of external memory certainly makes users able to store lots of images and videos in large numbers. Galaxy A21s comes with three color choices, namely black, blue, and white.



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