How to unsubscribe, temporarily or permanently, on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most fashionable social networks that has millions of users throughout the world and serves so much to be in contact with the closest circles as to discover new trends or interests as well as advertising showcase business and personalities.

But, like all social networks, Instagram can also get tired and we may need a little break from this platform or even a total disconnection. However, it is usually not easy to unsubscribe from these social networks, so step by step, We explain how to do it whether you want it to be for a specific period of time or permanently.

Temporary leave

The first thing you should do is, both on your computer and on your mobile, go to your account settings, by clicking on the corresponding tab or on the profile photo.


Once you access the configuration, on the same screen, you have to scroll to the bottom where it is the option ‘Deactivate my account temporarily’.


Once the option is selected, a new screen will appear in which you will have to select the reason for the disqualification and confirm the operation by typing the account password. It only remains to press the button and voila!


Definitive closure

To close the account permanently, the process is somewhat more complicated since it cannot be accessed from the profile itself. An Instagram web address must be visited (by clicking here) from the computer or mobile, where the session is started.


There it will appear directly the option to delete the account associated with the active profile. It will also be necessary to inform the reason why you decide to completely close the account.


Once the reason has been selected, Instagram will inform you of the possibility of recovering your account for a month of margin offered by this social network in case you change your mind. By selecting the ‘Delete’ option, you will have confirmed the entire process. Remember that by permanently closing your Instagram account, you will lose the photos and other multimedia elements that you have posted on your profile.



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