How to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium

Spotify is one of the most downloaded applications and without which some users cannot conceive of moving around, traveling or performing daily tasks. The ability to create customizable playlists and discover new groups or artists is one of the functions of this app.

Available in two versions, one free and one paid for 9.99 euros per month (with different prices and rates according to exceptions), the Premium version allows you to enjoy more music in an unlimited way even offline and, obviously, it removes the ads that interrupt the playback in the free version.

In the case of having used this version or being subscribed and wanting to unsubscribe for whatever reasons, the procedure is very simple. Lor more important is to start the process from the computer and not from the smartphone or iPhone, since it is not possible to manage this type of subscriptions from the mobile phone at the moment.

Once inside the account on the computer, you will have to click on the top bar of the page on the circular image and the Profile option. In the dropdown, select ‘Account’. A screen will open with all the available information.

In the main view, by scrolling, the contracted plan will appear, in this case Premium. The payment information, the billing cycle and the credit card from which the payment is made are detailed. Just below, The option ‘Change plan’ will appear.

Look for the option ‘Change plan’.

Clicking will open a list of options with the different subscription plans. At the end of the entire list, scrolling, the free plan will appear under the name Spotify Free. Simply select ‘Cancel premium’ and confirm on the new screen that you want to suspend the paid subscription. This cancels the subscription but does not delete the Spotify account: For this, it is necessary to contact the technical service of the platform using a form.



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