How to Uninstall Multiple Android Apps at Once

Users can uninstall multiple Android apps at once.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – During the years of using mobile phones, users have accumulated a lot of applications. Some of these applications may only be used once or twice due to special circumstances or needs and then never be used again.

Ideally the app is deleted after use. But more often not, because users often forget.

Instead of deleting apps one by one, users can uninstall multiple Android application at a time. Reported from Ubergizmo, Sunday (28/11), the first thing to do is to open the PlayStore on your phone. Then tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Then select “Manage Apps & Devices”. Now you will see how many apps are on your phone and how much space they are taking up on the phone.

Tap on it. You will now see a whole list of apps installed on your phone. Check all the boxes of the apps you want to remove.

When you’re ready, tap the trash icon. You will see a confirmation pop up, type “Uninstall”. Now all the apps you selected will be uninstalled and removed from your phone.

Keep in mind that these are only apps that have been downloaded on the phone via the PlayStore. If any apps are downloaded using different app stores, like Amazon, Epic, or Samsung and so on, you’ll need to delete them separately.



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