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The iPhone in your pocket is probably more powerful than the Nintendo Switch, one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. So why not use all that power to use and play some games, just like you would on a handheld device?

Use your existing controllers

One of the main differences between mobile games and console titles lies in the control schemes. It’s hard to get the same responsive feel to a smartphone with touch controls, which is why Apple added controller support to the iPhone and iPad.

This means that you can use the Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers with your iPhone, simply by Pair them via bluetooth. There’s no need to configure anything once paired as these controllers will “only work” in games that are optimized for Apple’s “Made for iPhone” (MFi) controller schemes.

Xbox Wireless Controller with USB Type-C Cable

This is the best way to start using a controller on your iPhone because in most cases it requires little or no investment on your part. One of the things you might want to buy is the console clip, so you can mount your smartphone to your console for a true “handheld” experience.

Xbox controller clip

Just make sure your clip matches your console (and is compatible with your iPhone, ideally in its case if you’re using one). For Xbox owners, the PowerA MOGA It is a cheap and pleasant option. PS4 DualShock 4 owners can grab it nico smart clipWhile PS5 DualSense owners can get a file Orzly DualSense Controller Base While that.

Nico Smart Clip

Keep in mind that there may be a degree of ‘wobbly’ during gameplay which may take a while to get used to, and you will have to move your device until you feel exactly the right ‘feel’. It’s mostly a matter of getting used to playing games this way, which comes at the right time.

If you’re not a fan of the clip-on method, you can always use some kind of stand (designed out of just about anything) and play á la Tabletop Mode on the Nintendo Switch, but that pushes the definition of “handheld” in our book.

Or buy a Made for iPhone . controller

You can buy so-called “Made for iPhone” (MFi) controllers like Steel Series Nimbus, but more expensive (if not more) than standard Xbox or PlayStation controllers. It’s not necessarily better, and it won’t be natively compatible with Sony or Microsoft consoles if you happen to pick one up later.

You can also get relatively cheap Xbox and PlayStation controllers in the used hardware market. Last-generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles often go on sale as they’ve since been replaced with updated models, so you can also get one of these instead if you’re going the “console install” route.

Razr Kishi for iPhone

Best buy is a console like razer kishi or Sir X2 . game It allows you to mount your iPhone in the middle of it. This gives your iPhone a handheld form factor, just like the Nintendo Switch or steam surface. It’s arguably more comfortable than using the console clip, although you’ll need to remove your device from its case to play.

Sir X2 . game

If you go this route, make sure to buy the “for iPhone” variant as there is an Android version available as well.

Download games from the App Store

With your console ready, it’s time to grab some games. The most obvious place to go first is the App Store, where you can download the mobile originals like ocean hornConsole ports such as Jata San AndreasBig budget free to play titles like Immortal DiabloAnd indie lovers like Stardu Valley—All support original MFi controller.

Support for controllers is now prevalent on the iPhone, especially in new versions. Many games you already own and play may benefit from playing with a console instead. You can browse a full list of games with the appropriate console support turned on controller. wtf.

Get an Apple Arcade subscription

Another great option for anyone looking to play games on their iPhone is Apple’s subscription service. Apple Arcade is Like Game Pass for your iPhoneYou pay $4.99 per month to access 200+ games. You can also access the service using To an Apple One subscription.

The best thing about Apple Arcade is that there is no microtransactionstrials or Free play mechanics to find it. There is a whole range of games on offer including casual puzzle games like pick-up and play grindstoneExpansion of RPGs like guildsFrantic driving games like sonic racingAnd interesting sports titles like cricket through ages. By the way, all of the above titles have full console support.

You’ll get a free trial of Apple Arcade with your new iPhone, so be sure to give it a try. We recommend setting a cancellation reminder on the last day of your trial so you can make the last-minute decision, since canceling your trial early will void your access immediately.

Use cloud streaming services

If you have a strong internet connection don’t do that Suffering from low latencyYou may want to try streaming via services like Xbox cloud games or GeForce now.

Xbox Cloud Gaming requires a Game Pass Ultimate subscription which costs $14.99 per month and It gives you access to over 100 titles to stream directly to your iPhone. You can also play these games locally on your Xbox console and PC, or remotely via the cloud on Windows and other desktop devices. Progress is transferred between the cloud, PC, and Xbox, but you are limited to choosing curated games from Microsoft.

Broadcast Xbox Games

GeForce Now works a little differently. It is a free tier subscription service that instead connects to existing storefronts such as Steam and the Epic Game Store. You can then play the games you own via the cloud using NVIDIA servers, in a variety of quality settings. The free tier is a great way to test the service, but there are some Great benefits of a premium subscription.

Cloud gaming isn’t for everyone, especially if your internet connection isn’t ready to be scratched. Some games are not suitable, especially those that require quick reflexes like hit games and multiplayer shooting games.

Stream from Xbox, PlayStation or PC

All major gaming platforms support streaming locally via a wireless network, which makes it ideal for playing games in a different room of your PC. You’ll need to make sure you have a fast enough wireless connection for this to work. Some of these services also support online streaming, but know that the closer you are to home, the better your experience.

Steam link for iPhone lets you Stream locally across your home network. The app has average ratings, with inconsistent performance frequently reported even on high-speed networks. If you use Steam as your gaming platform, it’s probably worth a try, just don’t expect miracles.

xbox app tiles on iphone

moon light It is an alternative for NVIDIA users with a properly powerful graphics card. It works over the Internet or a local network connection and lets you stream your entire computer desktop. The service is free, open source and dedicated iphone app Available.

Players on the console can use the administrator X-Box app or PS Remote Play The app to accomplish the same thing, on both local networks and the Internet. It’s relatively easy to set up both apps once you’ve enabled the service on your console, and you can even use Sony consoles with Microsoft hardware (and vice versa) thanks to Apple’s MFi controller considerations.

If you can’t get the performance you need from your local broadcast setup, consider upgrading your network equipment with a file High performance routers.

There are some negatives

Despite being a powerful pocket-sized computer, the iPhone has some drawbacks when it comes to gaming. The first is battery life because your device does a lot of things at once. This includes talking to wireless and cellular networks, receiving notifications, checking email, and communicating with nearby devices.

This negatively affects your battery, which you can solve by connecting a coil charging wire For a less elegant solution. Unfortunately, conduction will speed up another issue you may encounter: heat. While the iPhone 11 has more power than the Nintendo Switch, the heat is passively regulated. The Switch in comparison has a fan to keep the console running full chamber.

iPhone battery empty

iPhone is most likely to come across heat suffocationClock speeds are reduced in an attempt to reduce heat output and cool the device. Things get worse if you use your iPhone in a case or in a warm environment. This can cause performance issues as your device gets hot.

You are also prone to interruptions from notifications and phone calls if you use your iPhone for gaming. You can always enable Airplane mode (which will also save battery) but for most of us, that’s not always an option. The iPhone is first and foremost a communication device, and leaving it on Airplane mode for hours is not a particularly desirable solution if you want to be connectable.

Finally, mobile games in general have their drawbacks. Services like Apple Arcade help beat this trend, but mobile games are often filled with microtransactions and free paid walls that get in the way of your enjoyment.

Consider the Nintendo Switch too

The iPhone may have the power, but the Switch has the games. Nintendo’s portable console is a great buy for anyone tempted by the iPhone form factor, and wanting access to it “Triple-A” experiences like Breath of the wild else Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a great console for indie games as well.

Follow Our Nintendo Switch Beginner’s Guide for speed.

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