How to treat hemorrhoid disease, can it be without surgery? – Symptoms of the disease Hemorrhoid which is characterized by itching and pain in the anus, to the point of bleeding when defecating (BAB) is often uncomfortable.

When suffering Hemorrhoid, many people think that surgery is the only way to cure the disease.

However, do not rush to worry, it is not all cases Hemorrhoid requires operation.

Can hemorrhoids heal without surgery?

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Launching the official page of the Colorectal Center, overcoming Hemorrhoid without surgery or with surgery it is necessary to consider the severity of the disease.

There are several stadiums Hemorrhoidn which is marked by the degree of severity of the disease, namely:

First stadium:

Chapter bleeding, but the hemorrhoid lump has not gone down

Second stadium:

Bloody bowel movements, hemorrhoid lumps go down, but the symptoms of the disease can heal on their own

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