How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC

If you have an iPhone but are still very attached to your Windows PC, there’s no reason they can’t coexist side by side. An example is when you want to transfer iPhone photos to your Windows PC. On a Mac, they will seamlessly transfer to the Photos app on each device using iCloud. But on a Windows device, it’s just a simple case of connecting a USB cable or downloading photos from the iCloud website.

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You can use a USB cable to transfer your iPhone photos to your Windows PC. After it’s connected, authorize your Windows device to access your iPhone. Open iTunes and log into your Apple ID. The image folders will now appear on your computer and you can edit or move the images. Alternatively, you can log into iCloud on a browser and download it from there.

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via USB

To use the cable method, connect your iPhone to a Windows device using a USB cable. Then unlock your iPhone and, on the screen, a Do you trust this computer? The message will appear. Choose confidence.

iPhone authorizes Windows 10

Now you need to open iTunes on your Windows device and log in with your Apple ID. This authorizes your Windows PC to access your iPhone. Again, you will be asked on your iPhone if you trust the computer. Faucet confidence Enter your phone PIN to confirm.

On your Windows PC, you will now see Apple iphone In the Hardware and engines Section. Click it.

Apple iPhone on Windows 10Apple iPhone on Windows 10

You will see two additional folders – Internal memory> DCIM Before finally getting to your photos in dated folders. Select the folder where your photo is located.

iphone photo folders on windows 10iphone photo folders on windows 10

You will now find all the photos and videos for that time period. Now you can move, copy, edit, whatever you want to do. Remember that if you transfer it, the change will be reflected on your iPhone. Also, if you have photos in HEIC format, you won’t be able to open them. You will need a photo converter.

thumbnails of iPhone photos on Windows 10thumbnails of iPhone photos on Windows 10

icloud photo albumicloud photo album

Find the photo or photos you want to download and tap them. For multiple images, hold down the CTRL key and click on each one. Then click on File Download The button is located at the top right of the screen. Multiple images will be downloaded as zip files.

download icloud photosdownload icloud photos

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