How to tag products in Instagram posts (anyone can do this t

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(Pocket-lint) – All Instagram users in the US with public accounts can now tag products on their posts. Previously, this feature was limited to brands and some creatives. Here’s everything you need to know about tagging products on Instagram, including how to do it and whether you get a share of the sales.

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Why should you tag a product on Instagram?

Influencers use the ability to tag products to show their audience and followers the different things they have in their posts and give them the opportunity to buy them.

So if your favorite chef uses a particular hotplate in all of their viral videos, they might tag it in future videos so you can see the brand, model, and where to buy it. It’s that simple. Even if you’re not an influencer or a chef, you can use product tagging to showcase the things you love. Instagram noted that users can also use product tagging to “better support their favorite small businesses.”


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