How to support your mask when it is warmer?

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Health crisis obliges, wearing a mask is strongly recommended. But not always easy to bear the latter with the return of sunny days and heat.

In some places, wearing a mask is even mandatory. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips to make it more enjoyable despite the hot summer days.

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First thing to think about is your breathing. You may have already noticed that in winter when you breathe through your nose, there is less fogging. Quite simply because exhaling through the nose rather than through the mouth generates less heat. So remember to do the same when you wear your mask to avoid heat stroke.

Then, favor disposable masks rather than those in fabric, the latter will tend to retain less heat. If you do not know how to do otherwise, opt instead for light colored masks. As with clothing, lighter colors will reflect the sun’s rays, unlike black, for example.

And above all remember to hydrate yourself well. Even if the feeling of thirst is not necessarily present, drinking in quantity will allow your body temperature to decrease. It is granted, drinking with a mask is not ideal, but if it can make the situation more sustainable, it is less harm.

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