How to solve blue screen problem in HP computers after Windows 10 update

Many users of HP laptops and desktops complained in recent days of a blue screen appearing when their computers started up after updating the operating system Windows 10.

HP has released a patch but it appears that some users have fixed the problem, while others are still experiencing some problems.

Here’s how to fix a problem with the blue screen on HP computers after Windows 10 update:

What are the details of the problem?

After installing the latest Windows 10 system update, the blue screen problem appears in HP computers with an error message: (KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED), and this error occurs when (Kernel mode) creates an exception that the error handler cannot detect, as some indicate Reports.

And when the blue screen appears, there is nothing that can be done, as the system experiences a complete malfunction and stops at the (boot phase), where the device tries to work but constantly fails.

A Reddit user also complained of a reboot happening right away once the login screen was accessed, and this happens even in safe mode.

To date, there is no information on the extent of the problem among users of HP computers, but there are various reports on social media and Reddit and HP forums describe the problem. Obviously, the problem has hit some HP computer models, which include: Pavilion and Omen Obelisk and Envy.

The problem arose this May and its cause is not yet clear, but some people have linked the bug to an OS patch sent on May 12, while others have assumed that the KB4556799 update – which has already proven to contain several errors – is the cause of the problem.

Others say that the blue screen is caused by compatibility issues between Windows Defender and HP updates.

(HP Japan) was formally charged in Tweet To the latest Windows 10 update, it recommended users to revert to a more stable version of the OS.

What are you doing now?

HP has released an update to fix the problem with Windows Update, not its Support Assist, as this update has fixed a problem for some users.

A forum member has discovered AskWoody An update to the HP Software Component on the Omen desktop computer, and after installing it, the problem of blue screen appears.

Unfortunately, this patch does not seem to work with all users, as other people on the forum mentioned that they installed update on May 9, but faced the same issue on May 10 and May 19.

You can try installing this update for Hp by following these steps:

  • Open the (Settings) menu.
  • Choose “Update and Security”.
  • Click on Windows Updates from the right menu.
  • Click the Check for Updates option, where you can Check for updates.

Due to the unknown success rate for this correction, the best way to fix this problem is to restart the HP computer with an older version of Windows 10, by following these steps:

  • Go to the (Settings) menu.
  • Choose “Update and Security”.
  • Click Windows Update.
  • Click on the “View Update History” link below.
  • Click Uninstall updates.

  • From the window that appears, cancel Update KB4556799.

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