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The most popular music streaming platform, Spotify, enabled one more year the Wrapped 2021 digital experience. annual personalized list of songs and artists with the music that its 144 million listened to throughout 2021.

Spotify Wrapped It is not only the ranking of the most listened to hits, but also the number of artists who discovered, the podcasts, the rhythms and even the album they played.

To have all this information at hand and share it on social networks, you just have to access it through the mobile app, both on iOS, Android devices or the Spotify official site In Internet.

Spotify Wrapped, the best of the year on the music platform.

The Wrapped cards are available through a button located in the home tab of the app and the statistics, graphs, interactive games and videos will be reproduced when pressing the function.

The most listened to Spotify

In Argentina, for example, urban music prevailed again. The most listened to artist of 2021 in Argentina was Duki, followed by Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro and Maria Becerra. In turn, Duki is the one who positioned himself as the most listened to Argentine artist worldwide.

The song with the most streams in the country in 2021 and the song by Argentine artists most listened to in Argentina 2021 is “Miénteme” by TINI, then followed by “Entre Nosotros”, Tiago PZK; “L-Ghent: RKT SESSIONS # 1”, Papu DJ; “No Me Conocen” (Remix) [con DUKI, Rei & Tiago PZK] BANDIT; and finally “Plus de Mí” – Remix, Rusherking.

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In the category of Argentine artists with the most streams in Argentina, Duki led the preferences, followed by Maria Becerra, Bizarrap, L-Gante and TINI.

Duki, the most listened to by Argentines on Spotify.  Photo: Courtesy Matias Petrucelli.

Duki, the most listened to by Argentines on Spotify. Photo: Courtesy Matias Petrucelli.

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny was, for the second consecutive year, the most listened to artist globally, as revealed from the digital music platform.

Bad Bunny, the greatest Latin trap artist, achieved more than 9.1 billion views on Spotify this 2021.

In the list, the Puerto Rican interpreter is followed Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake y Justin Bieber.

Similarly, “DÁKITI”, by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez and included in the most recent album of the first, “El Último Tour del Mundo”, was crowned as the most listened to Latin song globally this 2021 on Spotify.

In the first eight months of this year, Bad Bunny was the most listened to monthly Latin artist on the Spotify music platform.

Bad Bunny achieved 9.1 billion views throughout 2021. Photo: AP.

Bad Bunny achieved 9.1 billion views throughout 2021. Photo: AP.

As detailed by Spotify in September, Bad Bunny achieved 6,659 million views on that platform in the first eight months of this year.

Starting in January, Bad Bunny had 913.5 million views, an achievement mostly obtained by the release of his third album, “El Último Tour del Mundo”, published in November 2020.

In February, the artist had 776 million views, followed in March by another 801.6 million, and in April he was awarded 731 million.

Then, in May he reached 695 million views, and in June he began a rebound with 845 million thanks to the launch of his song “Yonagui”.

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That same month, Bad Bunny returned to shake up the urban movement by participating in the “remix” (remix) of the song “AM” with his colleague and compatriot Nio García and the Colombian J Balvin.

In July, “the bad rabbit” achieved 955.6 million reproductions -the highest amount in a month at the moment this year-, mainly due to his participation in the “remix” of the song “Volando” with his compatriot Mora and the Panamanian Sech.

And, in August Bad Bunny achieved 942 million views.

Meanwhile, “YHLQMDLG”, Bad Bunny’s second album, exceeds 5.2 billion views on Spotify, extending its record as the most listened to Latin album in the platform’s history.


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