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How to share a protected file in Microsoft Teams

While it is fairly easy to send a file to members of our working group, it is a bit more complicated with other people. However, it is possible to share a protected file on Microsoft Teams. In this way we can send it to whoever we want and make sure that you will not be able to edit the file in any way.

On some occasions it may be that we need to share some files with people outside our work group, the ideal in these cases to protect the documents to prevent them from being edited. Precisely for this, Microsoft Teams has an option to protect the files and that no one but you can modify it.

In short, Teams has a kind of “Protected View” like Office that allows you to view the file, read it, but in no way modify it. In this way we can send the files outside of Microsoft Teams and prevent them from modifying our shared document.

A little further down, we are going to see how we should do to share a protected file in Microsoft Teams and you are going to see that it is much easier than you imagine.

Share protected file in Microsoft Teams

The first thing we will do is open Microsoft Teams on our computer. Once open we will go to the “Files” tab and we will have to choose the file we want to share.

File in Microsoft Teams.

When the file opens, we will have to click on the “File” tab again and we will scroll down until we reach the “Share” option that is in the left sidebar.

Share document.Share document.

Now we will have to click on the box that says “Share with people.”

Specific people.Specific people.

A Configuration pop-up window will appear, here we can choose with whom we want to share the file. Ideally, you select “Specific people” and enter username or email. We should also uncheck the “Allow editing” box and enable the “Block download” option. Once we finish, we are simply going to click on the “Apply” button at the bottom.

Copy link.Copy link.

Now the only thing left to do is simply click on the “Copy” button to be able to copy the link and share it with whoever we want in a conversation either in Microsoft Teams, email or an instant messaging application.

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