How to send photos and videos in iOS 8 messages

iOS 8 is out in full force and there are tons of new features that users can enjoy with the new update. Perhaps the biggest news for texters are the improvements to the Messages app.

The Messages app in iOS 8 remains largely unchanged from iOS 7, but there are some additional features that make the experience more enjoyable and useful.

Notably, the app can act like Snapchat, where you can send quick photos and videos to friends in an instant, as well as send quick audio messages to friends or family instead of typing a reply, especially if possible. a long answer

While we’ve seen the ability to quickly send photos and videos to friends in numerous apps, it’s nice that similar functionality is built into iMessage for iPhone and iPad users. However, those unfamiliar with the iOS 8 experience may find it strange, but we’ve heard people being taught and educated on how to use iOS 8 features, including quickly sending photos and videos to friends and family.

Without further ado, here’s how to quickly and easily send photo and video messages via iMessage on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.

Like Snapchat, but better

Sending a photo or video message in the Messages app in iOS 8 is really quite easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Easy, right? But what if you still want to do it the old way, like in iOS 7? Luckily, you can just tap the camera icon to view the same options as iOS 7, only this time you’ll also be greeted with the most recent photos and videos you’ve taken, scroll through and select one. you want to send.

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In general, sending photos and videos is much quicker and easier than with previous versions of iOS.

Receive messages with images and videos

So now that you know how to send picture and video messages, how do you receive them?

Fortunately, that part hasn’t changed in iOS 8 and you’ll continue to receive photos and videos as usual. The big difference with video messages, however, is that by default, video messages are automatically deleted after two minutes, unless the sender has changed otherwise.

However, you can still keep the video message forever by tapping just below the audio message. This will keep the video message in the conversation forever until you delete it yourself.

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