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JAKARTA – Messaging app WhatsApp is now the most popular in the world. How not, as many as 2 billion more active WhatsApp users.

Unlike other short messages, such as SMS, without having to save a number, you can send messages first. Temporary WhatsApp has a condition to be able to send short messages, namely the user must first save the user’s number in the contact list. However, what happens if the user does not want to save an unknown number?

Don’t worry, there is a solution. You can send messages through the app without having to save the number. First of all, you must know the exact number also using the WhatsApp application.

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Then, open the browser and then type the link with the format But to be sure, you need to replace the last part with the full number, with the country and region code, but without + or – or () or 00.

For example, when you want to chat with the number 081312345678, you can open the URL Then a “continue to chat” screen will appear and click. You can immediately start a conversation with that number.

This method can be practiced on Android or iOS phones. Then there is another method which is simpler and faster. However this only works on Android phones. The trick is to simply type the number on the phone keypad along with the country code and a plus sign in front of it, such as +6281312345678.

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After typing the number, select it on the keypad itself. After that, you may get a number of options regarding what you want to do with the selected text. The live options show Call, Cut, Copy and Paste.

But if you explore further the three drop-down buttons under the above-mentioned options, you will be able to see a lot of third-party text messaging options, which also includes using text numbers in WhatsApp. Tap on that and you can start chatting in the app.

As mentioned, this trick only works on Android phones, to be precise, on Android OS 9 and above for now and only on certain stock devices like Pixel and Android phones.



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