How to send a message to yourself on Whatsapp

Sending a message to yourself on Whatsapp can be a way to write down important information or an appointment without the risk of forgetting it, since it is unusual not to open the application for a long period of time. Furthermore, doing so can also be a way to transfer photos, data and videos from your mobile to your computer without the help of third parties, if not at first. By following this procedure, therefore, it will be possible to obtain a virtual space to use as a notepad, a modern and technological version of the classic post-it notes attached to the refrigerator.

How to send a message to yourself on Whatsapp

First of all, you need to open a group on Whatsapp by adding another person besides yourself. Then, you have to click on the “Chat” tab of the application, then click on the “New Group” option located at the top right, select the contacts to add to the group, click on “Next” and follow the procedure reported there. Once this is done, you will have created the Chat. At this point, touch the title of the same. You will access the group administration screen and, by scrolling the screen from top to bottom, you can view the list of participants. Click on the second participant’s name and select the “Remove from Group” option.

In this way, you will have obtained with a simple procedure a chat in which you can send messages to yourself on Whatsapp. At this point, by accessing Whatsapp Web you can transfer images, data and videos from Whatsapp to your computer. Or, simply, just use it to pin whatever you want on your mobile.

Gaze up the chat

To keep an eye on the Chat, you can try fasten it at the top. And that is to make sure that it is always placed at the top of the Chat screen. From the iPhone, just access the Chat screen and place a fingertip on the group in question. Then, make one swipe to the right, then press the ”Fixed” button. From Android, you will have to keep your finger on the conversation until an icon representing a pin appears. By pressing that, you will make sure that the conversation is fixed at the top.

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