How to secure the price of your e-car charge

Petrol stations display the liter price for petrol and diesel largely above illuminated signs and at the petrol pump. There is also a receipt. This is not the case with charging stations for electric cars – what needs to be done?

electromobility can cause confusion on the charging station. Because while conventional gas stations To indicate the price per liter using large illuminated signs and information on the petrol pump, this is not always the case with charging stations. But where can I find one as a driver electric cars then the information – for example for a price comparison or to check my bills later?

The search for the price always depends on who operates the charging station or with which charging card motorist access to it explains the consumer center of North Rhine-Westphalia. So different prices for the electricity be possible on the same charging station – for example if you access it with different charging cards.

The providers charge differently, for example per charging time after the hour or per minute, per kilowatt hour or flat rate with a monthly fee.

Mobile phone photo instead of printed receipt

“First of all, you should take a look at what information is given on the charging station itself,” advises Michelle Jahn from the consumer advice center. The lawyer recommends documenting the information with a photo, for example.

If the prices are not shown on the charging station, things can get more complicated. The operator or the respective charging network then publish the prices in an app or on a website. You should also take a screenshot of this information. Because there is a receipt on paper directly on the electrical Gas station usually not. Charge card owners often only receive the invoice for the load at the end of the billing month.

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“It is currently not legally clarified whether the price must always be displayed on the charging station itself, as with fuel filling stations,” says Jahn. But also here consumer on the basis of the price information regulation and the civil code, a right to get a total price before buying electricity.


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