How to Secure a WhatsApp Account from Hacking

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Hacking action via app WhatsApp had happened several times, plus the target was public figures.

In August, WhatsApp APAC Communications Director, Sravanthi Dev, in a virtual discussion, said that the hack that was carried out by Pegasus some time ago was due to a security flaw in the WhatsApp system.

“WhatsApp protection is currently very up-to-date. And at that time there could be an attack from the tapping device because of a security flaw in the WhatsApp system,” said Sravanthi Dev in a virtual discussion, Thursday (27/8).

Sravanthi claimed that his party had closed a security gap after Pegasus had penetrated it. However, he was reluctant to reveal what security flaws had caused a number of Pegasus hacked phones.

Therefore, the Instagram account of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) @yayasanlbhindonesia shared an upload on how to secure a simple WhatsApp account today Thursday (7/10).

The following are simple steps compiled by YLBHI:

1. Open your WhatsApp account and click the three dots in the upper right corner then select Settings.

2. Then select the option Account (Account).

3. In the Account option, activate Two Step Verification with a six digit PIN then click Enable.

4. Then include an active email if you forget your own PIN.

Infographic on How to Secure WhatsApp from Being Pirated. (Photo: CNNIndonesia / Basith Subastian)

As with YLBHI’s Instagram account, The Verge emphasizes that you don’t tell your six-digit PIN to relatives or friends.

The General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu’ti, recently experienced the hacking of a WhatsApp account on Friday (2/10).

Mu’ti through his tweet admin account, @Abe_Mukti. pass on that information.

“Please if you and your colleagues all get a personal message from WA Mr Abdul Mu’ti for the time being don’t respond to it because the WA (special) number is being hacked,” he wrote.

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