How to renew your expired DNI online: Guide to using the Reniec application in 2023

And you National Identity Document (DNI) expired you can renew it with a quick procedure via the Internet and thus you will be able to carry out financial operations or other administrative procedures.

So that you can process your renewal at any time of the day, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) The DNI BioFacial mobile application is available.

Since you carry out the virtual procedure, the waiting time so you can know if your ID is ready to pick up, it is between two to three weeks.

Here are the steps to follow to carry out the procedure from the comfort of your home:

  • Before starting, you should know that for the procedure you must have access to a smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system and a PC with a Google Chrome browser.
  • You must install the Reniec application DAYS Biofacial that you can download from the PlayStore or the app store

step by step

1 Make the payment of the procedure

Pay S/ 30.00 for the right to process. Payment options:

  • Pay S/ 30 for blue ID (code 02121 and S/ 41 for electronic ID with code 00525, at or en Pá you can use your credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard).
  • National bank: Go to the nearest Banco de la Nación or Multired agent and make the corresponding payment.
  • Credit Bank (BCP): if you do it in a BCP, you will have to pay an additional cost of S/ 3.40 for bank commission. However, if you pay at BCP agents, the bank’s app or website, you will not need to pay any commission.
  • Reniec Registry Offices: some offices have a POS system so you can pay with a Visa credit or debit card, check the list. Cash payments are not allowed.
  • Multiservice Virtual Platforms – PVM: They are machines similar to ATMs that allow you to carry out transactions and pay for them. You can see the list of location and available procedures.
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Steps for electronic ID

2 Request the renewal of your DNI

Go to one of the Reniec Registry Offices or to one of the MAC Lima Norte, MAC Lima Este, MAC Callao, MAC Ventanilla and MAC Piura centers (blue ID only), in the latter cases by appointment.

Present your payment voucher for the right to renew your DNI and your passport size photo. If you wish, you can change your signature, address or modify other information on your ID at no additional cost during this process.

If you are in a province other than the one that appears on your DNI, you can do this at the Reniec agency in that city. On the other hand, if you are abroad, it is up to you to carry out this procedure at the Peruvian consulate of the place where you reside.

After delivering your documents, you will receive a certificate that you must keep to collect your ID on the date indicated.

Delivery time is 10 to 12 business days in Lima and 12 to 15 days in the provinces. If you want to follow up on your application, check the status of your process.

3 Pick up your document

Go to the office where you carried out the procedure on the date indicated with the certificate and request the delivery of your ID. You can change the place of collection of your DNI, but it will have an additional cost and the waiting time for issuance will increase.

The collection of the DNI is personal. If you cannot do it, ask for the power of attorney format, sign it and put your fingerprint on it so that your representative can pick it up for you.

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For its part, the DNI-e can only be collected by you, since you will have to sign the application forms for a new digital certificate of a natural person.


Make the payment of the fee (S/ 30.00 for blue DNI (code 02121) or S/ 41.00 for DNIe) (code 00525 at Banco de la Nación branches or through pá
Identify yourself in the DNI Biofacial application and enter the service page and click on the button Terms and Conditions.

Register your personal data and click on the button Validate. The system will verify the data of the APP with the data entered, therefore it is important that the information you register is the same as that of your ID.

Finally, Choose the closest office you want to pick up your new ID.
You will receive a report of the registration of your procedure in your email
and you will be able to verify its progress through Reniec Online Consultations. When the status of the procedure is at 100%, you can go to the selected agency without having to make an appointment.

Nearly three million eligible voters for the October 2 elections have an expired DNI, according to the latest report from the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec).

To renew this document, citizens can complete the process online and pick up the document at more than 400 offices of said entity, nationwide, from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays, at more than 100 agencies.

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