How to remove your account forever

As a social news aggregator, Reddit reaches more than 400 million people around the world. Still, there are reasons to delete your Reddit account. In How To, we’ll walk you through how to delete your Reddit account—permanently.

Of course, Reddit is not as big as Facebook or YouTube and possibly not as well known as the short message platform Twitter, which could soon be part of Tesla boss Elon Musk’s empire.

Nonetheless, Reddit is an institution on the internet. testify to that according to current statistics more than 430 million people who are active on the platform at least once a month, and at the same time more than 100,000 discussion threads.

Delete Reddit Account: How to permanently remove your account

But the possibilities that Reddit offers compared to other platforms do not convince all users in the long term. Therefore, the question of how to delete your Reddit account – permanently and irrevocably – keeps coming up.

If you too would like to withdraw from the Reddit world, we have written a step-by-step explanation in “How to” on how you can permanently delete your Reddit account.

In the first step you open Reddit for it on your smartphone or PC.

This is how you can delete your Reddit account – permanently and irrevocably. Step 1.

Use the arrows under the heading to go back and forth.

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