How to recover messenger messages from my PC

The shape how to recover messenger messages from my pc It is very simple that you only have to implement a few small steps. It is also possible to recover deleted Messenger messages through the application and from the mobile.

Procedure to recover Messenger messages from my PC

The steps to follow recover Messenger messages from your PC son:

The first thing is to log in to Facebook through any browser and when entering, go to the upper right part of the screen. To access the Messenger feature and click See All in Messenger.

The next thing is that you go to the left and press the gear icon to access the settings. There you will see several options you have to select the one that corresponds to archived conversations.

In this section, all the chats you have had appear and search carefully until you find the one you need. When you get the chat, write a message and send it. In this way you will have the message among the most used of your Messenger, but you will also have recovered the Messenger message that you had lost.

There is also the possibility to create a copy of all your messages that are in the application. The method presented below allows you to make a copy of your messages so that there is no risk of losing them:

Enter the main page of Facebook and with the help of the mouse go to the upper right corner of the screen. The next thing is to select the arrow to display the menu and select the Configuration option.

Then you must click on the option Your information from Facebook that is on the left side. Then in the Download your information option, press the View button and scroll down until you find the Messages option and select it.

This will automatically download a file containing all your information.

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