How to receive an incoming transfer without it coming from a bank or post office account

The transfer, made to the bank or to the post office, is the most common and most widespread operation for money transfer between two subjects. Generally, wire transfers go from one bank and / or postal current account to another. Just as the outgoing bank or postal transfer is always an operation that is carried out at the explicit request of the customer.

For example, a bank or postal customer can make an outgoing wire transfer from their current account by going to the branch or post office. By filling in the appropriate form where you can indicate the IBAN and the details of the recipient, as well as the amount to be recognized.

Furthermore, a transfer can also be made on behalf of the same person, incoming or outgoing. That is, an account holder can transfer money from one account to another current account with the same header at will. Clearly within the limits of the supply.

Having said that, when and how is it possible, instead, to receive a bank transfer even when the person who has it does not have a bank account or a postal current account? Let’s try to deepen this aspect.

How to receive an incoming transfer without it coming from a bank or post office account

In this regard it must be said that, nowadays, the IBAN is not associated only with current accounts, but also with the so-called account cards which are rechargeable. Therefore, it is possible to receive a bank transfer even when this, instead of from another current account, actually comes from a rechargeable card with IBAN.

That said, the procedure for receiving an incoming bank transfer is also simple, without it coming from another current account or from a card with IBAN. As one of the accepted transfer operations there is also the one for cash. So let’s see what it is and how it is available.

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How to carry out this operation for cash

In detail, to make a transfer for cash desk, without having a current account or an account card to arrange the operation, just go to a bank branch or to any post office in the area. In this case, in fact, the sender will pay the amount of the transfer to be made in cash at the cash desk, ie at the counter with operator. By filling in the appropriate form, the bank or post office will then transfer the money to the legitimate beneficiary of the IBAN that has been indicated.

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