How to reasonably guide employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot

Original title: How to reasonably guide employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot

With the outbreak of epidemics in Beijing, Hebei and other places, some areas have already loosened the string of epidemic prevention once again.Recently, the State Council has responded to the joint prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemicmechanismThe comprehensive team proposed to encourage enterprisesInstitutionsFlexibly arrange vacations and guide employees to try their best during the Spring FestivaljobsTo take a vacation.Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shandong and other regions are also releasingNotice, AdvocacyworkerWorkers do not return to their hometowns and spend the New Year at the place of employment if necessary; those who do need to return home must strictly abide by the local nucleic acid, filing, isolation and other prevention and control requirements.

However, despite the grim situation, there are still many people in online surveys that “to break all difficulties and go home for the New Year”.Even takeaways in big cities these daysdeliveryThe time has generally increased a lot, which is said to be related to the fact that some delivery staff were worried that they would not be able to return home during the New Year. On the Internet, there are some suggestions for returning home under the epidemic this year, including when to leave, when to return, how to avoid peaks and restrictions, and so on.

Behind the strong willingness to return home is the custom of returning home for the New Year, which is in the bones of Chinese people. This is like when the epidemic in Europe and America is severe, Italians still have to go for a walk, Americans still have to reunite on Thanksgiving, and British still have to revel in New Year’s Eve.Every country has every countryculture, And the nationality that supports it. If freedom is the nationality of the West, then reunion is our nationality. In the past, it was hard to get a ticket for the Spring Festival, and it still couldn’t stop the return of the motorcycle army. The song “We Have No Money to Go Home for the New Year” is sung all over the country, and it is enough to illustrate our nation’s concept of reunion.

And the reality is that we now have more than 200 million floating populations, who have not beenstatisticsThe number of inter-generational people in different places is even greater, the willingness to reunite anddemandIs extremely strong. Faced with the reality of upcoming population movements, the pressure of local governments to prevent epidemics is obvious. Taking various measures to allow employees to respond to the initiative and to guide people to stay in place to celebrate the New Year has also become a priority for local governments in the New Year.

So how to reasonably guide employees to celebrate the New Year in situ?

The first is to give benefits. A certain degree of financial subsidy must be given to those who give up returning to their hometown and stay in the same place for the New Year. Local government,Development zoneindustryThe park should actively stand up and take out certainfundsOr subsidy policy to relatedfactory.Some areas in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have already started operations in this way. According to news reports, some industrial parks gave 666 yuan to those who stayed for the New Year.allowance, Some factories give around 1,000 yuan to workers who stay for the New Yearbonus. This approach is worth promoting.

The second is entertainment. For many workers, staying for the New Year means watching the factory guard the factory, lacking the flavor of the year and lack of entertainment. They have sacrificed their family needs, and they cannot give up their entertainment needs.From local government to basic production unitenterpriseBoth factories and factories should set up mechanisms to guarantee the living and entertainment needs of those who stayed for the New Year.Such as local communicationsthe companyIs it possible to provide additional traffic for this part of the personnel? Can the factory provide WiFi signal coverage? Can spontaneous groups such as the fellow villagers’ association organize a series of entertainment?LohasActions, etc., should be taken into consideration.

Finally, it mustGuaranteePeople who have not returned home have the right to leave after the Spring Festival. In terms of feeling and reason, not seeing children for a year, lover for a year, and parents for a year, this is a real “necessity” for returning home. The All-China Women’s Federation estimates that there are 60 million left-behind children in the country, and the China Agricultural University’s Survey Office estimates that there are 47 million left-behind women nationwide. In the face of these astronomical figures, the basic human needs of returning home should not be ignored. So after the Spring Festival, how to arrange the staff to take vacations in batches and installments in an orderly manner so that they can return to their hometown to reunite with their families is also an issue that should be considered. Is it possible to promise now, or even make arrangements for vacations in batches after the new year? All can be discussed and operated. And I believe that only if the workers’ rights to visit relatives on vacation are fully protected, they will not be crowded to return home at this time of the New Year.

In addition, for those who have been determined to return home, we can alsoserviceIt reduces the possibility of crowd gathering and infection.For example, centralized ticket booking, guided ticket booking, set up special trains, and buses go toReworkPlant and firestationShuttle, promote the mutual recognition system of health codes in various places, etc.

The Spring Festival is coming soon. For many people, where to celebrate the New Year is still a question under consideration. It is hoped that various localities can actively guide and attract those who plan to return to their hometowns to stay in place for the New Year through various supporting policies with sufficient sincerity. Now that we have successfully passed the test of the National Day holiday, I believe we can definitely pass the Spring Festival transport pass.

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