How to protect WhatsApp account

You use WhatsApp daily, like practically anyone who has a mobile. And the downside is that in that application there are a thousand things about you. There you tell what you do to your contacts, and you have countless videos and images, many of them personal and private. For all these reasons, it is vital that you take the appropriate measures to guarantee your privacy. In this Article from TopMobiles, we will tell you how to protect WhatsApp account.

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Previously, we have explained to you how to use dark mode O the multi-device mode in WhatsApp. But none of those tips have too much sense if your account is not well protected.

In the following paragraphs, we will give you different methods for you to optimize privacy options, taking into account the mobile you have. And through its implementation, you achieve that it is not easy for anyone to steal the data or information of your WhatsApp account.

We recommend activating two-step verification

Always adds an extra touch of security to your WhatsApp account. Through this two-step verification, it will not be enough to check your phone, but rather you will be prompted to enter a six-digit PIN code.

You must follow these instructions to enable this method:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings / Configuration
  • Choose the section Bill
  • Click on Two-step verification
  • Tap on Activate

One time enabled this type of verification, You will have to put your email. There they will send you the link to retrieve the PIN code (in case you have forgotten it).

We recommend choosing a combination of numbers that you can remember, since you will have to use it quite regularly.

WhatsApp reports that, if you activate two-step verification and you don’t have the code, must pass a week without being able to use the App before re-verifying the number.

How to retrieve PIN code in two-step verification

In case you have forgotten verification PIN, through a few simple steps you can get it back. Every given time, or when you change SIM, you will see a window in which You will be asked for a confirmation to know if it is about you, with the verification code:

  • Go to the Two-step authentication
  • Click on the link Forgot your PIN code?
  • Choose the option Disable 2-Step Verification
  • You will receive a message in configured mail
  • By opening that link, you can restore access to WhatsApp

And once you have deactivated it, just reactivate it with a new PIN.

It sounds obvious, but protect your mobile

Although it seems obvious, the more you increase the security on your terminal, the more protected your own WhatsApp account will be. Our recommendation is that you activate the majority of possible screen lock options on your device:

  • PIN code to unlock the screen
  • Unlock via fingerprint
  • Lock through facial recognition technology
  • Iris recognition to unlock the screen
  • Unlocking patterns

That is the best way: not focus only on the protection of the WhatsApp account, but on that of your mobile in a comprehensive way. Depending on the model and brand of your smartphone, these security settings must be done by following this step by step:

  • open Settings on your mobile
  • Go to Biometric data and password / Privacy
  • Activate all available options

The different models give you certain options regarding screen lock. The latest mobiles launched, put at your fingertips the possibility of unlock with fingerprint ID or face recognition (This is even the case in entry-level models). !Safety-related barriers are never too many!

protect WhatsApp account

How to lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprint

WhatsApp itself allows you to activate the fingerprint lock (regardless of what you do to lock your mobile screen).

You can activate it like this:

  • In WhatsApp, click on the three dots from the upper right corner
  • Accede to Settings and go to Account> Privacy
  • and a Fingerprint lock
  • Activate that option and, following the instructions, place your finger on the fingerprint to activate it

From that instance, even if the screen of your smartphone is unlocked, you will have to use your fingerprint again to open WhatsApp. And you can choose how often the App is blocked (immediately, after one minute or after 30 seconds).

With this option, you can have a preview of the sender and text, when you receive notifications of new messages.


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