How to Properly Control Nasal Allergies: Tips from a Physician


Zhang Yihao said that if you want to properly control nasal allergies, you can use medication, allergen testing, nasal washing and conditioning; the situation photo, the characters in the picture have nothing to do with this article. (picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]There are many effects of nasal allergies on children, such as tooth decay, nosebleeds, tooth decay, misalignment of teeth that need to be corrected, and poor sleep. Zhang Yihao, a physician at the Zhang Yihao ENT Specialist Clinic, posted on his Facebook page “Zhang Yihao/Immunology. Child Growth. Physician with Three Senses and Four SensesThe article pointed out that to properly control nasal allergies, you can use medication, allergen testing, nasal washing and conditioning. Among them, the conditioning includes: fish oil for anti-inflammation and vitamin C for anti-oxidation.

● Medication:Contains 3 categories of oral medicines and nasal sprays. There are 3 broad classes of oral medications: antihistamines (to relieve itchy nose, runny nose, and sneezing), vasoconstrictors (to relieve nasal congestion and swelling), and combinations of the two. Nasal sprays include vasoconstrictors, steroid nasal sprays, antihistamines and 2-in-1 combination sprays.

●Allergen detection:Health insurance usually has 36 or 40 allergy tests (only acute allergen tests); self-funded allergen tests have 66 to 224 items, most of which include acute and chronic allergens.

●Nose wash:Faced with body pollution, we will take a shower. Now that the air pollution is serious, we can remove air pollution particles, allergens, sticky nasal mucus, and bacteria and viruses through nasal washing. In addition, it is also somewhat helpful to clean the nasal passages through children’s nasal sniffing. Generally speaking, those above grade 1 and 2 in elementary school are more likely to cooperate with nasal washing.

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●Cooking:Regulate intestinal flora through appropriate probiotics, some children can be tested for good and bad intestinal bacteria, fish oil can resist inflammation, zinc ions assist wound healing and immune system, vitamin C anti-oxidation and glutamic acid assist nasal mucosa and The intestinal mucosa is healthy and intact.

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