How to Play Snapchat Games with Friends

Do you know Snapchat games? You need to know a lot about them and we have it all covered for you.

Do you know that Snapchat offers more than just a platform to send Snaps and keep Snapstreaks? As of January 2022, Snapchat offers nearly 50 interactive games that can be enjoyed with friends and loved ones directly in a chat session. In this guide, we will explain step by step how to access and play Snapchat games.

Games on Snapchat

Snapchat Games

In its effort to retain its core demographic of teens and millennials, Snapchat launched Snap Games in April 2019. The platform provides a seamless gaming experience within the messaging app, allowing users to play games with friends without ever leaving the chat window.

The Snap Games platform has proven to be a huge hit, with the little rocket icon providing access to multiplayer HTML5 games. According to the company’s latest report, over 200 million users have played Snap Games and used Snap Minis over the past two years. Data from May 2021 shows that Snap Games saw over 30 million users playing games with friends every month.

The integration of social games has added a new dimension to Snapchat’s messaging app, making it a hub not only for communication but also for entertainment. With the growing popularity of Snap Games, the platform is set to become a leader in social gaming.

One of the best things about Snapchat Games is that it is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s without requiring a separate app download and it’s completely free. Users can find a wide range of games on the platform. These include Ready, Chef, Go! by Mojiworks, Bitmoji Party, Crazy Run by Gismart and many more.

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Snap Minis

Snap Minis are small applications created by third-party developers and accessible in Snapchat. They were introduced in mid-2020 as a way for users to coordinate their schedules, meditate with Headspace Mini, and learn with friends via Tembo Mini flashcards, all within the messaging app. Snap Minis are also HTML5-based web apps accessible from the “rocket” icon in Snapchat chat windows. Now that you understand what Snapchat Games and Minis are, it’s time to explore how to invite friends and play games with them.

Getting Started with Snapchat Games: A Step-by-Step Guide

Open the Snapchat app and go to the chat list

  • Open the Snapchat app and tap on the “Chat” option located at the bottom navigation bar.
  • Alternatively, you can swipe directly from the camera viewfinder to view all of your conversations.
  • Select the chat window of the friend you want to play a game with.

Access available Snapchat games

  • In the chat window, tap the rocket icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to view available Snapchat games.
  • Go through the list of games and select the one you want to play.

Play with friends

  • Once the game is open, you have the option to play alone or with friends.
  • When playing with friends, use the text box at the bottom to send messages and the microphone icon for voice chat.
  • Snapchat’s seamless design allows for an immersive experience where you can enjoy the game and stay connected with your friends at the same time.

How to Play Snapchat Games Solo

Playing Snapchat games is not limited to playing with friends. If you are looking for some solo fun, you can easily access the games available on the platform and play them on your own. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Snapchat app and tap on the “Search” icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • In the search options, you’ll see the “Games & Minis” section listed below the search box. Tap on the game of your choice to start playing it in single player mode.
  • With this, you can enjoy Snapchat gaming experience even when your friends are busy. You can immerse yourself in various games like Bitmoji Party, Crazy Run, Ready, Chef, Go! and more.
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Invite Friends to Join Snapchat Games

Snapchat provides an easy and convenient way to play games with friends whether they’re online or offline. If you’ve started a game and want to invite a friend to join, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the game menu: To access the game menu, tap the hamburger icon located in the lower right corner of the screen when you are in the middle of a game.
  • Ring a friend: In the game menu, tap the “Ringtone” option next to your friend’s name to send them a notification inviting them to join the game.
  • Wait for the response: your friend will receive a notification from Snapchat, telling them that you want to play a game together. They can choose to join by pressing the “Join” button in the chat window.

With these steps, you can easily invite friends to play Snapchat games and enjoy a fun gaming experience with them.


List of games on Snapchat

  • Chief ready, go!
  • chess quest
  • Ludoclub
  • let’s go hoops
  • Word Blitz
  • Tennis Bitmoji
  • Course folle
  • Friends Quest
  • Snake Squad
  • Virgin
  • Color together
  • Golf ready to use
  • fashion icon
  • cube surfer
  • Join
  • Griffonnons
  • Bitmoji Party
  • Crazy sales rush
  • Team goals
  • About Nom Run
  • color galaxy
  • Quiz Party
  • Battleship
  • Animal restaurant
  • Water park
  • table kingdom
  • Zombie Rescue Squad
  • Bowling
  • island hopping
  • Swipe out
  • Flip the egg
  • Chat Pizza
  • Subway Surfers Airtime
  • Find my Bitmoji
  • Cursors
  • storm skaters
  • Little Royal
  • sling runners
  • sugar snap
  • Peinture Bitmoji
  • Alphabear Hustle
  • Slide Shakes
  • Hexadecimal RVF
  • snow weather
  • Reorganize
  • Crowd City

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