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How to overcome your phobias | Click mobile

The elevator, the parking lot, the bees, a simple scratch … All these seemingly harmless things can create phobias. Often, these irrational fears turn the life of the sufferer into a nightmare. Fortunately, you can overcome them!

Phobia is the fear of an object or situation that, for the vast majority of people, is nothing but an object or situation. Some phobias are mild and do not affect daily life very much, but others are so severe that those affected remain locked in the house, can not keep a job or do not end up having no social contacts. In the contemporary world, phobias are common.

The causes of phobias are varied. They may be related to traumatic events in childhood or adolescence or to situations where the fear was extremely intense and could not be overcome. Social phobias, for example, can be linked to past situations, such as a school holiday or a family event, in which the child has been put in an embarrassing situation.

Simple irrational fears

People can have phobias about almost any object or situation. Some may be afraid to go outside the house (agoraphobia) or enter closed spaces, such as the elevator, subway or cellars (claustrophobia). Atheists may be afraid of illness, certain social situations, or have a specific phobia of animals, insects, or birds. Phobias are irrational fears.

And those who have them perceive them as such; moreover, they are generally aware that their fears are exaggerated, but being irrational, they cannot control them. “From a psychodynamic perspective, the mechanism of triggering the phobic symptom can be understood as a solution or a choice of compromise, in order to maintain a psycho-affective balance. What was once experienced in personal history as frightening or threatening will tend, in certain similar situational contexts in terms of symbolism, to return to consciousness and bring back that unpleasant emotional load. This fact will activate the psychic defense mechanisms, by triggering avoidant behaviors and, specifically, through phobias ”, explains the psychologist Andrei Pişcu.

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