How to make corn in a dry context without giving up the best seed distribution

In this campaign it will be essential to obtain the best quality in late sowing in less time with greater work efficiency, which will be achievable with the right technology.

We are facing a much more defensive strategy campaign, where the search for the greatest possible potential must be redirected and oriented towards production without losing sight of the costs of indifference. The Two of the main sources of current uncertainty lie in climate and fertilizers.

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EcuRow®, the Plantium pneumatic distributor.

“Sowing times will be a key aspect in this defensive campaign in which many producers will aim for late corn – its optimal planting window is narrower than in the first date plantations -, with which the area devoted to its cultivation will be greater than in recent campaigns and the possibility of covering the largest number of hectares in less time will be decisive for achieving profitable margins ”, says Agricultural Engineer Lucila Campero of Plantium Product Engineering.

The concept of late sowing of corn has nothing to do with late sowing, explains Campero and elaborates, “with ecuRow®, as the Plantium pneumatic dispenser is called, it is possible to increase the seeding speed up to 18km / h, since it has been shown that its quality is not affected, but that it is possible to increase the working capacity of the seeder. Those manufacturers whose seed drills are equipped with this technology will have an opportunity not to be missed. ecuRow® is Velosophy, which means “Wisdom of speed in sowing”.

The sowing density, the specialist clarifies, should be the one that allows to obtain the maximum yield, avoiding the competition between corn plants for available resources such as light, nutrients and water, obtaining the maximum possible saving of seeds. This goal will have precision farming essentials seeders, and arrangement of the seed distribution in the furrow.

Precisely ecuRow® is the electro-pneumatic doser that works at positive pressure, and which provides precise control of the transfer of the seed in the down tube. The advantages obtained in the dispenser are the precision in the dosage, avoiding multiples and jumps, on the one hand, and the equidistant distribution of the seeds in the furrow on the other. The advantage is maize plantations with singularity values ​​of 99% and coefficient of variation of less than 10%.

Likewise, “each dispenser works as an independent seeder, making variable doses and cutting line by line”. The reading of the prescriptions by each body is automatic and applied instantly, reducing the time and space of density changes, adapting effectively to different environments ”, Campero specifies.

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“The low rainfall in recent months has affected the availability of water in the profile, which is scarce for planting prime quality corn. The situation leads to the postponement of the start of sowing towards later dates, in search of an increase in soil moisture levels in the coming months, “he anticipates.

Another element to consider when defining the strategies for this campaign will be the fertilizer and its cost, an essential component for the cultivation of corn but whose use must be as responsible and efficient as possible and therefore, the possibility of carrying out variable fertilizations per environment will be a concept that will resonate a lot in the coming months.

Seeders equipped with vED750 transmission and power source (optimal planting density and appropriate fertilization dose for each environment) will have the ability to carry out variable fertilizations and automatic cuts by sections, thus obtaining the best use of the resource, increasing yield and saving input where deemed appropriate.

“Thinking of variable fertilization as an important practice will result in a substantial improvement in the minimum yield level, greater system stability and a decrease in the yield gap between good and bad years. Seeders equipped with ecuRow® and vED750 will undoubtedly provide producers with the opportunity for efficient management through the strategic management of each lot and each environment, which will be essential during the 22/23 campaign, “says engineer Campero.

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