How to make a complete magnet that is easy to do at home, understand the benefits, Jakarta How to make magnets at home is easy but also difficult if you don’t understand thoroughly how. Magnets are objects that have the ability to attract other objects around them. Magnets have magnetic properties that can attract other objects around them.

Magnet is an object in which there is a magnetic field. Magnets were first discovered by the Greeks in a place called Magnesia. That’s where the word magnet comes from and is widely used. The first form of magnetism found was in the form of a rock-shaped natural magnet.

As knowledge and technology have developed, magnets have now been used in many electronic devices such as telephones, dynamos, measuring instruments, and many others. Basically, objects that can be attracted by magnets are objects that contain metal elements. However, not all metals can be affected by metal’s attractiveness. One of the metals with a strong magnetic attraction is iron and steel.

Magnets themselves are divided into two types based on how to make these magnets. First, natural magnets that are formed naturally through natural processes, for example, earth magnets and magnesian rocks. Second, artificial magnets which are made of magnets done on purpose.

In this case, the artificial magnet has several forms which are adapted to its function. The forms of magnets are bar magnets, tubes (cylinders), needles, U-shaped magnets, and horseshoes (horseshoes). Meanwhile, materials that can be made into magnets are materials consisting of magnetic atoms such as steel and iron.

You can make your own magnets at home because the steps are very simple and easy to do. The following has been summarized by about how to make magnets complete with explanations taken from various sources, Thursday (8/4/2021).


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