How to log in to WhatsApp Web without scanning the QR code

How to log in to WhatsApp Web without scanning the QR code

Users who use WhatsApp in the browser must scan a QR code in order to use the instant messaging platform on your computer each time you log in again.

You can install WhatsApp Web desktop version and thus avoid having to scan the QR code every time you log into your instant messaging account

To avoid this repeated situation, you do not need third-party applications or carry out complicated steps. If you want to send messages or files urgently through the computer, without wasting time in the process of logging in by having to scan the QR, what you have to do is download WhatsApp Web, the desktop application, available for Windows and Mac, and that will allow you to use WhatsApp whenever you want without scanning the QR over and over again.

The session will remain open forever, even if you turn off the computer, unless, for security measures, you end the session on the mobile. In this way you can download WhatsApp Web:

-Download the desktop version of WhatsApp Web available on the official WhatsApp page.

-Scan the QR code of the session from the mobile version of WhatsApp. This would be the only time you have to.

-When turning off the PC it will not close the session so, when you re-enter, you will not have to scan the QR code because it will enter your account directly.

How to know the open sessions on WhatsApp

To keep your conversations safe and know if someone has been reviewing your chats, You should search if there is another unknown device connected to the instant messaging application, following these steps:

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-Open WhatsApp mobile

-Enter your settings

-Select WhatsApp Web / Desktop

-In Android the system will show which devices have open sessions. If there is one you don’t know, select the “log out” option. For iOS devices the session ends by moving the unknown device to the left and then the option to end the session appears.

And if you want to know how to use WhatsApp Web more safely, don’t miss this video. You have many more tips and tricks on our YouTube channel.

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