How to know who is talking to you on WhatsApp only with the ringtone

Follow these simple steps to modify WhatsApp notifications.

May 14, 2022 12:10 p.m.

WhatsApp It is among the most popular apps among millions of users worldwide, however, although it is quite useful for communicating with friends and family, it can also lend itself to procrastination.

If you are a busy person and do not want to waste time reviewing each of the WhatsApp notifications, we will show you a trick that will be very useful for you.

This trick consists of know when a particular person writes to you on WhatsApp just by hearing the sound of the notificationbeing able to distinguish this user from the rest of the people.

You will be able to use this for those contacts whose messages are the most important and you don’t want to miss them, even when you don’t feel like looking at your mobile when a WhatsApp arrives.

How to modify a contact’s notifications

This process is quite simple, and you will only have to go to the contact and customize their WhatsApp notifications so that they are unique and distinctive. You will be able to do this both in normal conversations and in groups, so that you have control of the conversations that you want to differentiate.

  1. Open the chat of the person you want to differentiate, be it a conversation with a contact or a group with several people. Once you’re inside click on the name of the person or group in the top bar of the screen.
  2. Enter the screen options of this conversation, where you have all the information about your chat with the contact or the group. Here inside, you have to click on the option of Customize notifications that will appear to you
  3. You will enter a Notifications screen, where you will notice that all the options are disabled. If you want to change the notifications for this chat to make it more discoverable, you first have to Activate the notification option. personalized to activate all the options.
  4. When you activate the Notif. customized, you will see how the rest of the options on the screen are also activated, and you can start using them. Here, you have to know that there are three key options to customize notifications and make it possible for you to always recognize who is writing to you.
  5. The most important option that you have to change is the Notification tone. Within this screen, it is where you will be able to choose the tone with which the notification of the messages of this conversation sounds. So what you have to do is change it to something other than the default to make it sound completely different from the others.
  6. You can also change the vibration of notifications from this contact. The bad thing about this is that there are only two to choose from, so if you are going to customize several chats, it is not something that is going to help you so much to differentiate it. However, if you are only going to customize one or two, it can be very useful, especially in cases where your mobile is silenced.
  7. And finally, with the Light option you can change the color of the notification LED, although only if your mobile has a notification LED with the possibility of using several colors, something that does not happen on all mobiles. If your mobile has it, this is a very good option, since even if you have the mobile on silent you will be able to identify that the message is from a specific person by the color that you have assigned to it.

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