How to Join Unpicked WhatsApp Groups Voice and Video Calls

How to Join Unpicked WhatsApp Groups Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp users can now join voice and video calls that were not picked up, but are still ongoing.

1. Open the WhatsApp application

If there is a voice call or video call that you don’t have time to pick up, you can immediately open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

2. The group call is still in progress

Next, look at the “CALLS” tab, if the call is still in progress there will be a notification at the top. Then, press “Tap to Join” to join.

3. Call sign in one group

If the call participants are in the same WhatsApp group, then you can join by pressing the “Join call” button in the chat tab of the group.

4. Exit and re-enter group calls

The Joinable Call feature allows you to exit and re-enter WhatsApp group voice and video calls. The trick is when you leave or are disconnected, you can rejoin by pressing the Tap to Join” button in the “CALLS” section. If all call participants are still in one group, you can go directly to the group chat tab and press “Join call” to rejoin.



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