How to hide a Whatsapp chat without deleting it

If you intend to hide a Whatsapp chat without deleting it, you can archive it and retrieve it later. However, anyone who accesses Archived Chats from your device will still be able to view it. By repeating the procedure that we will explain several times, it will be possible to hide multiple conversations at the same time. We will show you how to archive a chat on both iPhone and Android, even if the modus operandi it differs very little and turns out to be, as usual, very simple, since Whatsapp is a very functional application.

How to hide a Whatsapp chat without deleting it

Archive a chat on iPhone

Open Whatsapp and access the “Chat” page. Find the conversation to archive and press on it with your finger, and then drag it from right to left. Two icons will appear, one of which represents a box under which there is the writing “Archive”. Clicking on that, the conversation will be archived and will disappear from the Chat list.

To retrieve the chat in question, you will need to type the name of the contact in the search bar of the application. Or even his number, in case it wasn’t saved by name in the phonebook. At that point, all that remains is to carry out the procedure explained above, with the difference that the item “Extract” rather than “Archive” will appear. By clicking on the first, the conversation will appear again in the Chat menu.

Archive a chat on Android

Open Whatsapp and access the “Chat” page. Find the conversation you want to archive, press on it and hold it down for a few seconds, until a drop-down menu opens. From that, select the item “Archive Chat”. The game is done.

To cancel the procedure, you will have to access the “Chat” page again and scroll through it until you find the “Archived Chat” option through which you will be able to access all the previously hidden conversations. Also in this case, you will have to press on the conversation, hold down for a few moments and wait for the drop-down menu to open, and then select the “Extract Chat” option.

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