How to Handle Witnessing a Fight: Ignoring, Recording or Intervening?

Unfortunately, situations where the indifference of others becomes visible happen from time to time. In February, the media was shocked by the news that two teenage boys were attacked by a youth gang in the very heart of Riga, near the “Galerija centrs” supermarket. At first, the hooligans wanted to invite both of them to “talk”, but then they continued their actions on the spot. The situation ended with the victims being stripped of their branded jackets, one having his watch stolen, as well as being punched in the head. The victim boy’s mother later expressed her regret for the indifference of the eyewitnesses – the nearby guards and passers-by did not report the incident to the police.

What should be the right thing to do when you find yourself in the role of an eyewitness? Take active action and rush to resolve the dispute on your own? Is it best to pretend not to see, out of concern for your safety?

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