How to get Zorua and Zoroark in Pokémon: Isle of Armor

We show you where to find and how to get Zorua and his Zoroark evolution in Isle of Armor, the first expansion for Pokmon Sword and Shield.

Zorua y Zoroark are two exclusive Pokmon of the DLC: The Isle of Armor of the expansion pass of Pokmon Sword and Shield. These two fifth generation creatures are part of the Pokdex Armor, so if you want to complete it you are going to need to get a copy of them. Below in this entry of our complete water we teach you how to get Zorua and his evolution Zoroark.

How to get Zorua in Pokmon Sword and Shield

Let’s start with Floor, the little fox Pokmon. Remember that to catch this Pokmon you will need travel to the Isle of Armor since you can only find it in this territory. Thus, you need to buy the expansion pass to access this place in Galar.

Zorua Capture Locations

Zorua can be in the wild in these places on the Island of Armor:

To find you more easily to Zorua the weather should be cloudy, as this increases the odds for the Pokmon to appear. Can change the climate of the island in your favor by modifying the internal clock of the Switch. Specifically, in the on February 15 or November 15 you will make the weather cloudy. In the Freshness and Prado Reverence Wetland areas you will find the most powerful Zorua. Note that Zorua is a rather elusive Pokmon that can easily run awaySo if you see one, don’t hesitate to go for it right away.

Get Zoroark on The Isle of Armor

Get Zoroark on The Isle of Armor

To achieve the evolution of Zorua, that is to say to Zoroark, we have various methods possible. The first and easiest is to raise the level of the Zorua that we have captured so that it evolves. Natural way Zorua evolves in Zoroark upon reaching level 30. Chances are that the one you captured wild is at level 60, so in this case you only need to raise it one level to provoke its evolution.

Another valid method is hatch an egg from Zorua to have a copy of this creature from level 1 and then reach level 30 to evolve it.

Zoroark capture locations

Zoroark can also be in the wild on the Isle of Armor in these two areas:

Last but not least, we add that both Zorua and Zoroark are present also to be captured in Dinamax Raids, specifically in the areas of Frescor Wetland, Gymnastic Sea, Mellow sea and Challenge Route.



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