“How to Get Spid for Free and From Home: A Simple Guide for Citizens”

The Spid is an essential tool for all citizens, but it still causes confusion: here’s how to do it from home and 100% free!

The digitization of services began a few years ago and has undoubtedly brought many benefits. Some categories of citizens, however, are still having difficulty adapting. Fortunately, today we can get the Spid faster – and above all for freethan before.

Spid for free, we can get it quickly – Grantennistoscana.it

Spid, which means Public Digital Identity System, is an innovative tool that has revolutionized the world of services offered by the Public Administration and beyond. If until recently it took whole days to carry out various types of procedures, now we can carry out most of them comfortably from home, with our smartphone or PC.

It is also true that not all peoplethey chew well” computer programs, software, the use of passwords and the like: let us also imagine the difficulties of the elderly, or of those who for various reasons do not have a stable internet connection.

If they need a digital identity to log in, everything becomes very complicated, and let’s not forget the “money” factor; the Spid in most cases is paid. Technology and cooperation between all the actors involved, however, fortunately come to our aid.

Spid in 5 minutes and at no cost, here’s what you need and how to do it yourself

Per activate the Spid we must necessarily choose one of the identity providers that has the certification and authorization from the AgID, or the Agency for Digital Italy. There are many of them and we just need to identify the one that inspires us the most, because they all offer the same service, but can offer different options and/or features.

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Just follow these simple steps – grantennistoscana.it

The official identity providers are as follows: Poste Italiane, Aruba, InfoCert, Lepida, Namirial, Sielte, Tim e Register. Only some of them offer the completely free service, and with which we can activate the Spid quickly in just a few steps.

First, before starting the procedure, we must have at hand:

  • valid identity document;
  • card with the tax code (or alternatively the electronic identity card which also has that);
  • a mobile phone number and an e-mail address;
  • residence permit if you are not an Italian citizen.

At this point we choose one of the aforementioned digital identity managers, visit its official website and we create the Spid credentials, following the instructions. Once the username and password have been created, we need to carry out the recognition: for this purpose we can take advantage of the PC webcam or the mobile phone camera.

For those who do not have the aforementioned technology, they are available some providers (such as Poste) which allow you to physically go to one of the offices to carry out the recognition. We remind you that the Poste provider, together with Sielte ID and Namirial, are the ones for which it is not necessary to pay anything.

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