How to get Grand Theft Auto 5

Action until May 21

“Grand Theft Auto 5” is considered one of the most successful video games. The title is now temporarily available free of charge. We explain how you get the game – and what players can expect.

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The Open World Game “GTA 5“is free of charge from Thursday to May 21st Epic Games Store available. It is the “Premium Edition”, which contains all additional content and a starting credit for the multiplayer mode “GTA Online“contains.

How to get “GTA 5”

To get to the game, you need the Epic Games Store call. click hereto go to the page. Here you have to log in with your account or create an account. Then click on the button “To fetch“. The total price should”USD $ 0.00“then click Submit Order. The rush for the free game, temporarily forced the website to its knees.

To play the game, you need to download and log in to the Epic Games Launcher. The game needs about 90 gigabytes of storage space. All other system requirements can be found on the Epic Games website. If you are unsure whether the game is running on your PC, the tool can Can You RUN It help. Here, users can check whether a title can be played on their system.

What is the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is a platform for computer games. The company Epic Games started the service in 2018 as an alternative to the gaming platform Steam. Steam is the most popular service for PC Games and trumps the competition especially in the number of users and offers.

Epic Games therefore tries above all to lure users to its platform with free and exclusive offers. Compared to Steam, developers also have to give a small percentage of the profit to Epic Games. Epic Games itself is primarily for the game series “Unreal” and “Fortnite“known. More about” Fortnite ” read here.

What is “GTA 5” about?

“GTA 5” stands for “Grand Theft Auto 5” and tells the story of three criminals Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. The fictional city of Los Santos serves as the setting. Players can complete different missions and explore the world at will, including access to different vehicles. In addition, the game offers the multiplayer mode “GTA Online”, where users can carry out further missions together with friends.

The game series is often criticized for its violence, but also praised for its social criticism. “GTA 5” received consistently positive reviews and had until 2018 for publishers Rockstar Games generated more than six billion dollars – that’s more than top films like Star Wars. The main reason for this is above all purchases that can be made in the online game. The game is released in Germany from the age of 18.


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